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Video Post-Production Coordinator

Vice Iberia Media Group

Barcelona, Spagna
Full time

The Post-Production Coordinator is an editor who is also responsible for overseeing the day to day workflow of media into and throughout all post production services for Vice Iberia. This position will oversee all stages of post-production, always aware of what each editor is working on, coordinating graphics and internal creative reviews and legal and S&P reviews.
The Post Production Coordinator communicates directly with the Production Manager to coordinate delivery of all on-air assets, and works closely with producers, editors, assistant editors, graphics designers, sound mixers and colorists.
Senior editor with a solid technical knowledge of post production and editing softwares as well as a strong familiarity with delivery and publishing for digital platforms.
Capable of multi-tasking, knowing how to prioritize tasks for a team and staying organized in a fast paced, high pressure environment.
Communication and language skills, fluent in English is a must.


- Video editor, both for Vice and Virtue.
- Coordination of all post-production work, including the assignment of different projects to the editors as well as the scheduling of the video edits deliveries.
- Coordinate the Audio Mix workflow and deliveries with our external sound teams.
- Coordinate the Color correction workflow and deliveries (internal and external).
- Awareness of each running project within the department as well as the performance of each editor.
- Overview of the hard drives footage storage and back-up workflow.
- Organizes and maintains a regular archiving workflow of footage & projects in Vimeo,, Google Drive and/or other online digital platforms.
- Active communication with Post-Production Coordinators from other international offices.
- Oversees the final deliverables of broadcast masters, social videos, paper deliverables for R&C department and final project files.
- Quality control of content going to channels across the VICE Network, always updated on the Vice video technical guidelines.
- Helps Production Managers in keeping a seamless transition from production to post production.
- Publishing necessary assets to the internal CMS, the website and YouTube.Ensuring reports for music cues, transcripts and archive logs and final deliverables are sent to production.
- Actively monitors the use of resources to bring innovative ways of maintaining and improving workflows.

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Video Post-Production Coordinator
Vice Iberia Media Group
Barcelona, Spagna
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