• 5 Anatomy Books to Improve Your Figure Drawing

    5 Anatomy Books to Improve Your Figure Drawing

    Discover some invaluable resources to help you when drawing the human figure Human anatomy is undoubtedly complex, and studying it is an activity that deserves years and years of commitment. Like all complex things, it needs to be broken down to be more easily understood. Studying artistic anatomy books routinely is key to a figurative artist's practice. Understanding how human anatomy works is essential to strong, powerful figure drawing. It improves the ability to represent the human figure and contributes to creating successful dynamic figure drawing. Artist Shane Wolf (@shane_wolf) has dedicated over ten years to exploring and experimenting with the art of figure drawing. Hailing from the US, where he graduated as a graphic designer, he soon realized that his true calling was to explore his inner artist with unwavering determination. He set off to Florence, Italy, where he studied at the Angel Academy of Art and is now a professional painter working from his studio in Paris, where he experiments and seeks to express the depth of humanity through his art.

  • The Best Free Sound and Music Libraries for Editing Your Podcast

    The Best Free Sound and Music Libraries for Editing Your Podcast

    Take your podcast to the next level with these 13 royalty-free music and sound effects apps Up there with the script and actual recording, the way you edit your podcast is key. During this process, your choices regarding music and sound effects have the power to make the final result shine, and will help you connect more with your audience. If you've already created your own podcast or are about to record an episode, this list of free and pay-for resources and apps will help you uncover a vast source of royalty-free music and sound effects, presenting you with a range of options when it comes to editing your work and making it sound its best.

  • 6 Design Documentaries That You Need To Watch

    6 Design Documentaries That You Need To Watch

    Discover amazing documentaries on design and designers, from Dieter Rams to the legacy of the Bauhaus movement Javier Zamora is a graphic designer and founder and creative director of Plácida (@placida), a graphic design studio based in Granada, Spain, specializing in corporate brand identity and product packaging design. Javier and his team are dedicated to creating original visual and tactile experiences that go that extra mile. Until 2012, Javier had been working in an architecture studio as an illustrator. Realizing that editorial design was his true passion, he quit his job and enrolled on a degree in graphic design, graduating in 2016.

  • Who is Oscar Winner Chloé Zhao?
    Film & Video

    Who is Oscar Winner Chloé Zhao?

    Discover the life and work of the award-winning director, writer, and editor of Nomadland who made history in 2021 Chloé Zhao is the name on everyone’s lips after making Oscar history as the first woman of color to take home the Best Director prize. Having already won a number of awards for Nomadland, including the top prizes at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals and both the BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Director, the world was poised to see if the poetic drama starring Frances McDormand would triumph at the 93rd Academy Awards. It did. Not only was Zhao awarded Best Director, Nomadland also picked up Best Picture and Frances McDormand took home Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the film.

  • The Diverse Creative Universe of Carlinhos Brown

    The Diverse Creative Universe of Carlinhos Brown

    Learn about the life and career of the composer and multi-instrumentalist who know teaches a course on Domestika Carlinhos Brown (@carlinhos_brown) was the first Brazilian musician to be appointed as Ibero-American Ambassador of Culture and to become a member of the Oscars Academy. He is a singer, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, a judge on The Voice Brasil, and has worked on The Voice Kids. He will also soon publish a course on Domestika. In the course Introduction to Percussion: Discover the Magic of Rhythm, the artist demonstrates the power of percussion instruments, not just for music but for universal communication. In addition to shedding light on his career path and influences, Carlinhos talks about the power of percussive communication, taking us on a journey through his ancestral past in which he will present instruments from different parts of the world. The course also covers topics such as composing and arranging and include tips on recording and editing. Be sure to check out the trailer!

  • 20 Key Concepts For Surviving in the Creative World

    20 Key Concepts For Surviving in the Creative World

    Discover these essential creative terms that are sure to come in useful for your projects To broaden your vision of the artistic world, it is important to get to grips with the concepts that are currently making an impact. Not only will doing so turn you into an expert in your field and expand your vocabulary, but it will also improve your understanding of different disciplines and the work of other experts in a more precise way. The following list features 20 concepts that will help you to perfect your knowledge of creativity. You will find definitions of documents such as a brief or a portfolio and discover what makes sketchbooks and mood boards such valuable tools. You will also explore color theory, learn why NFTs are taking the digital art world by storm, and find out about professions such as art directing. If you want more information, you can read the articles in full by clicking on the red titles. What Are NFTs, and How Are They Transforming Digital Art? On March 1st, visual artist and musician Grimes sold some videos for $6 million. And on March 11th, a single jpeg file sold for $69 million. What do all of these works have in common? Well, they don't exist in the physical world. In short, an NFT (non-fungible token) is a unit of data that functions as a unique signature, a digital certificate that certifies the authenticity of a creation. In this post, we reflect on how NFTs benefit the art world, the risks they pose, and why people are concerned about their environmental impact.

  • 10 Online Courses For Learning How to Draw With Pencil

    10 Online Courses For Learning How to Draw With Pencil

    Unleash your creativity and imagination with the help of these five drawing experts and start to draw from scratch Drawing is probably the one creative activity we all have in common: ever since we were children, we have used it to express ourselves. However, as the years go by, we tend to neglect this skill. When it comes to drawing, there are some universal rules based on how human beings perceive things and their cultural norms. Whether you choose to respect these rules, break them, or experiment with them, there’s no doubt that they are essential for every illustrator. If you want to rediscover your love for drawing in pencil, these 10 courses will teach you everything you need to know. Artistic Illustration: Draw from Your Imagination, a course by Fito Espinosa Painter, visual artist, and illustrator Fito Espinosa will show you the process he uses to connect with his deepest feelings and thoughts through images full of symbolism and emotion. He shares exercises that will help you explore yourself and learn to develop your ideas into images that express your personal point of view.

  • Meet the 10 Female Photographers of World Press Photo 2021

    Meet the 10 Female Photographers of World Press Photo 2021

    Following the announcement of this year’s winners, we spotlight the 10 female nominees The World Press Photo Contest recognizes the best visual journalism of the last year, rewarding images and stories in eight categories: Contemporary Issues, General News, Environment, Long-Term Projects, Nature, Spot News, Sports, and Portraits. This year, 4315 photographers from 130 countries entered 74,470 images. Of the 45 photographers nominated, only 10 are women. Following the announcement of this year’s winners, we spotlight the 10 female nominees, two of whom have just been awarded first place in their categories.

  • Discover the 2021 Winner of the World Press Photo Contest

    Discover the 2021 Winner of the World Press Photo Contest

    The hug between an elderly woman and her nurse at the beginning of the health crisis in Brazil is the Best Photograph of the year The World Press Photo Contest has once again recognized the best of visual journalism from the past year. In an online ceremony held today, the winner of the photo of the year 2021, the photo story of the year, the interactive photo of the year, and the video photo of the year were announced. The jury chose the winners from 4,315 photographers from 130 countries who submitted 74,470 images. The top prize for the World Press Photo of the Year has been awarded to Danish photographer Mads Nissen, who already won World Press Photo of the Year in 2015.

  • Discover the Incredible Art of Cake Design with Julián Ángel

    Discover the Incredible Art of Cake Design with Julián Ángel

    The designer behind the creative cake blog Historias del Ciervo shares a selection of his breathtaking designs How many times have you passed by a cake shop and had to stop to visually devour cakes that look more like works of art than something to eat? Creative cake design really is an art. It involves designing, sketching, and planning to pull off a showstopper. T hose who work in this profession think about the same things that, for example, a painter would, such as color schemes and creating textures.

  • Top 10 Creative Projects of March 2021

    Top 10 Creative Projects of March 2021

    We put together the projects that received the most likes in March within the Domestika community We kick off the new month by introducing you to the 10 favorite community projects for March. Final projects of courses from different disciplines, teachers' works and commissions are mixed in this space open to creativity. All of them different but with something in common: they are the projects that have received the most likes. In March, watercolor has had a lot of prominence, but also crochet and illustration. Nature has been one of the most inspiring themes and has also been the highlighted theme in other disciplines, such as packaging. And as for digital arts, a work done with the SketchUp design program stands out. To check their creative processes, click on the red titles. Don't forget to add your comment at the end of the article and let us know your favorite.

  • Superflat: How Murakami’s Popular Art Movement Emerged

    Superflat: How Murakami’s Popular Art Movement Emerged

    Pop art is experiencing a revival in Japan thanks to Takashi Murakami Takashi Murakami is a celebrated contemporary Japanese artist. In the early 90s, he rejected modern Japanese art, claiming it was boring and elitist. Instead, he took an interest in post-war Japanese pop culture, in particular the subculture known as Otaku, which also refers to people with a passion for anime, manga, and cosplay. Over a decade, Murakami researched this culture, learning about its relationship with mid-20th century Pop Art and traditional Japanese art, and coined a term that referred to the flat (2D) form associated with Asian graphics, fine arts, and pop culture, as well as Japan’s cultural aesthetic: Superflat. This postmodern art movement was created by a generation of artists born after World War II. It draws on external influences that are reinterpreted to connect with Japanese identity.

  • Silenced Bodies: The Photographer Capturing Female Beauty

    Silenced Bodies: The Photographer Capturing Female Beauty

    Photographer Alba Duque explores the concept of beauty in her book of female portraits Alba Duque (@albaduque_ ) is a photographer and art director from Barcelona specializing in commercial photography and portraits. She is an expert in taking beautiful photos that highlight products, personalities, and lifestyles. Given that she has come to know the professional world of poses and post-production tricks so well, Alba decided to develop a book of portraits that explores beauty beyond the idealized bodies that feature so heavily in her commissioned work. Why? Because we are what we see, and in her book, there is so much female beauty to see.

  • 10 Free Websites For Sourcing Reference Images for Drawing Portraits

    10 Free Websites For Sourcing Reference Images for Drawing Portraits

    Discover these free websites offering a range of portrait photographs and take your illustrations to the next level Studying the shapes, lighting, proportions, and details of real-life models is one of the best ways to practice your drawing skills. We can also rely on photographs, which is often a more convenient way of working with different subjects. This is especially the case when it comes to portrait drawing. If you find good references, you’ll have a continuous stream of inspiration that allows you to practice drawing faces with a range of unusual features. We have compiled this list of the best websites for sourcing different faces so you can practice your portrait drawing skills. LIFE Photo Archive If you would like to focus on drawing notable faces from history, this archive created by LIFE magazine (and developed together with Google) offers up millions of photographs. It contains material from key moments in politics and entertainment, all of which have been shot using incredible lighting and interesting angles. This collection is limited to non-commercial use.

  • 5 Maps and 5 (Very Different) Views of the World

    5 Maps and 5 (Very Different) Views of the World

    In recent decades, designers, mathematicians, and cartographers have tried to redesign the world as we know it Except for flat-earthers, there is a more or less generalized consensus on Earth's shape. It's a geoid—an imperfect sphere—and an ellipsoid, slightly elliptical and flattened at the poles. Representing these features on a two-dimensional plane is, in itself, a considerable challenge. Doing so reliably is a problem that has puzzled cartographers, geographers, and illustrators for centuries. But some have decided to get to work and created different representations of the world that, with greater or lesser success, help us locate continents, islands, oceans, and countries. More often than not, they do so serving specific political and social interests, too. 1. The Mercator projection The most famous planisphere, whose variants continue to be used, for example, by Google Maps, is the one devised by Gerhard Kramer (in Latin, Gerardus Mercator). He was born in what is now called Belgium during the 16th century and introduced the so-called Mercator projection in 1569. In addition to the remarkable wealth of detail in the continents' design, this projection has a characteristic that has contributed decisively to its adoption in many countries: it places Europe at the center of the world and presents it larger than it really is.

  • Why You, As a Creative, Should Use TikTok

    Why You, As a Creative, Should Use TikTok

    If you haven't already joined the fastest growing social network in the world, find out what you’re missing TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms globally. It’s positioned itself as an essential space to build brands, especially your own. Fast, bold, creative, and funny language often scares those who are trying to find a way to embrace it, especially if they are shy or feel like they are not in the appropriate age-group. However, if you work in the creative field, there are many reasons why TikTok deserves to be included in your social strategy. Today, the photographer, Domestika teacher, and influencer THAT ICELANDIC GUY (@arnulfur) will share some of them.

  • Discover Inuit Artist Kenojuak Ashevak

    Discover Inuit Artist Kenojuak Ashevak

    We celebrate the enchanted art and life of this remarkable female artist Kenojuak Ashevak was born in an igloo in an Inuit camp in 1927. She became one of Canada's most celebrated graphic artists, collecting multiple honors and achievements until she died in 2013. The daughter of an Inuit hunter and fur trader, she grew up traveling from camp to camp in Arctic Quebec. When she was 19, she married Johnniebo Ashevak, a local Inuit hunter who developed artistic talents in his own right and sometimes collaborated with her on projects. In the late 1950s, both Kenojuak and Johnniebo experimented with carving and drawing.

  • 10 Artists and Designers to Draw Inspiration From for Your Botanical Watercolors

    10 Artists and Designers to Draw Inspiration From for Your Botanical Watercolors

    Artist and illustrator Luli Reis shares the artists who inspire her botanical watercolors Exploring the textures, contrasts, colors, and shapes present in nature can be an infinite source of inspiration. This almost infinite universe is where the visual artist and illustrator Luli Reis (@lulireis) finds references for her expressive watercolor compositions, illustrations full of color, and movements that can only be found in nature.

  • 10 Inspirational Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts

    10 Inspirational Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts

    Discover different techniques, uses, and styles and start bullet journaling Bullet journaling means taking a blank notebook and using it to plan, organize, and document your thoughts, anecdotes, inspiration, task list… anything! Unlike a regular journal, a bullet journal isn’t pre-designed, you shape and evolve its contents. If you love to be organized and creative, you’re going to love bullet journaling. We asked the Domestika Instagram community to recommend their favorite bullet journaling accounts to give you some inspiration. Here are the results: Bullet Journals (@bullet.journals) Bullet Journals is a great space to explore the possibilities that this format offers for recording dreams, fantasies, and events. It showcases the work of artists from around the world.

  • 7 Mesmerizing Comic-book Character Timelapse Videos

    7 Mesmerizing Comic-book Character Timelapse Videos

    Watch these expert illustrators draw iconic superheroes and villains Superheroes and villains are an eternal source of entertainment and inspiration on television, films, or in comic books. These seven incredible time-lapses reveal the work of comic masters and show how they illustrate iconic Marvel and DC characters. Watch how they use digital and analog techniques to capture the essence of these lovable characters. Joker: Procreate timelapse Graphic designer and illustrator, Germán González (@germangonzalez), creates digital portraits of characters from his favorite movies and series. This Procreate timelapse shows how he illustrates the Joker (as played by Joaquin Phoenix). Learn how to take your illustrations to the next level in Germán’s course, Adobe Photoshop for Brush Creation.

  • 36 Days of Type 2021: This Challenge Pushes the Boundaries of Letter and Number Design
    Typography, Calligraphy and Lettering

    36 Days of Type 2021: This Challenge Pushes the Boundaries of Letter and Number Design

    From April 5 to May 10, this challenge invites you to design a letter or number every day for 36 consecutive days 36 Days of Type is the challenge par excellence that explores the graphic possibilities of the letters and numbers in the Latin alphabet. For the eighth edition, represented by the color orange, letter lovers, designers, illustrators, and graphic artists from all over the world will create and share one letter or number a day for 36 days, from April 5 to May 10.

  • How Did Yarn Bombing Reach Your City?

    How Did Yarn Bombing Reach Your City?

    Discover the feminist roots of this unique street art using yarn and wool Whatever city you live in, you may have come across a tree decorated with wool or a lamp post covered in crocheted flowers. This practice is known as yarn bombing, and it’s everywhere. Yarn bombing is the decoration of public features with handmade fabrics. These colorful creations convey messages about care, respect, and the appreciation of public space. This street artform’s origins date back to the mid-19th century, the industrial revolution, and feminist resistance. Want to know more about knitted urban creations? Discover the roots of yarn bombing below!