Illustration Challenge: 31 days, 31 drawings

Flex your creative muscles and win free Domestika courses with our daily drawing challenge running through October

The month of October is synonymous with daily drawing. And to keep this healthy habit alive, we at Domestika are inviting you to join in our challenge with thousands of other people around the world to draw something every day for 31 days.

Of course, you'll be rewarded for your efforts - keep reading to find out more and how you could win a free course!

Illustration Challenge: 31 days, 31 drawings 1
31 days, 31 drawings calendar (illustration credit: Joaquín Rodríguez).

To help you on your way, and give you a bit of creative inspiration, we’ve created a list of themes for each day to draw in your own style. Think of it as a way of finding out what encourages you to create, as well as the techniques that best let your creativity flow.

We won’t be taking on this challenge alone. Instead, we’ll be in the company of four expert illustrators: Barcelona illustrator Javirroyo (@javirroyo), Colombian illustrator Alinailustra (@alinailustra), the Brazilian artist behind Estúdio Luares Franncine de Miranda (@estudioluares), and English lettering illustrator Grace Frösén (@gracecallidesigns).

Every week, one of the experts will choose an illustration from among all of those that have been shared with us, and the winning artist will get a free Domestika course of their choice.

Plus, everyone who shares a drawing each day in October (31 in total) will have the chance to win three courses of their choice. Graphic artist Joaquín Rodriguez (@joaquin_rodriguez) will be deciding the winner. Are you in?

How to take part

1. Draw something every day from the corresponding list of prompts. The technique is completely up to you.

2. Create a new project on your personal Domestika profile under the title 31Days 31Drawings 2021 and upload your drawings there - one per day. This is a great opportunity to widen your portfolio in our projects section. If you have any queries about how to create the project, you can download a simple step-by-step guide below. You can also share your drawings on your social media account (and tag us!).

3. When you upload a drawing, indicate the day it corresponds to, for example, “DAY 01”. Remember that the challenge is to do one drawing per day, so you cannot upload more than one piece of work on any given day to make up for having missed a previous day.

4. Leave a link to your project in the comments section at the bottom of this page.*

Download the step-by-step guide:

Download 31 Days 31 Drawings Guide.pdf

* Please note that this article has been published on the blog in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The dates for participating in the challenge are October 1-31.

Competition terms and conditions.

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