Tattoo Artist Ella Rose Invites You Into Her Studio in this Domestika Diary

Discover what a day in the life of a fine line tattoo artist looks like with the British illustrator and studio owner, Ella Rose

Beginning with a university degree in fashion design, Ella Rose (@elrose) then transitioned over to a career in marketing and graphic design before finding her metier as a tattoo artist.

It wasn’t long after her tattoo apprenticeship at NR Studios that Ella opened her own, cosy tattoo parlor in the leafy district of South West London. Clients now come from far and wide to get one of Ella’s bespoke, nature-inspired designs permanently inked onto their bodies.

Join Ella Rose in this Domestika Diary as she shares with you her creative process, from floral inspiration to beautiful body art.

A hub of creativity

Ella Rose’s tattoo studio is set up in exactly the way she likes it. “It’s a really nice little creative space,” she says as she shows us tidy rows of colorful inks and her well-tended plants. One of the many benefits of having a private studio is that clients can have tattoos placed anywhere on their bodies without succumbing to the self-consciousness that might arise in an open tattoo studio.

Tattoo Artist Ella Rose Invites You Into Her Studio in this Domestika Diary 5
Ella Rose is inspired by nature and floral designs

Inspired by nature

Whilst many people get tattoos that replicate a symbol or a picture, Ella’s clients come to her for her own artistic skill and creative style. Is there any acclaim higher for an artist than people wanting your artwork permanently stamped onto their body? Ella’s delicate fine line tattoo designs are heavily inspired by nature, and flowers in particular. “All of my tattoos are one-off, bespoke designs,” she says, so no one has to worry about an awkward encounter with someone else sporting the same “unique” tattoo.

Tattoo Artist Ella Rose Invites You Into Her Studio in this Domestika Diary 8
Ella Rose specialises in fine line tattoos that are full of detail

A joint effort

“When someone books in they will describe via email what they would like me to design for them.” Then, with the client’s idea in mind, Ella will start sketching out designs using her iPad. For Ella, the iPad is an indispensable tool as she can make as many changes as she wants, alter the size, and add or take away elements without having to redraw the whole image. She prints off different sizes and options and presents these to the client. Once the all important decision has been made and the tattoo is chosen, Ella makes a stencil of the tattoo and transfers it to the client’s skin to act as a guide for her needle.

To learn how to create these detailed and delicate fine line tattoos, make sure to check out Ella Rose’s introductory course on tattooing here.

You can get lost in her beautiful, signature style on her Instagram.

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