Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021!

Thousands of creatives from all over the world took part in the third edition of Domestika Scholarships

March 9th marked the launch of the third edition of Domestika Scholarships, an initiative that recognizes and celebrates the talents of creatives from all over the world. Thousands of participants–65% of which were women–from across the globe submitted their portfolios in response to our third call-out for entries, with the majority of the projects presented falling into the categories of design and illustration.

A jury composed of top experts working in the creative sector, all of whom are also Domestika teachers, was asked to select the best candidates to be awarded scholarships. The members of the jury are Paloma Rincón (@paloma_rincon), Sagi Haviv (@sagi), Catalina Estrada (@catalinaestrada), Pepe Gimeno (@pepegimeno), Ana Victoria Calderón (@anavictoriana), Antoni Arola (@toniarola), Trini Guzmán (@holaleon), Alexis Moyano (@alexismoyano), Mattias Adolfsson (@mattiasadolfsson), Isadora Zeferino (@imzeferino), Ji Lee (@jilee),Fito Espinosa (@fitoespinosa), James Lewis (@jamesllewis), Marcelo Tas (@marcelo_tas), and Alex Trochut (@trochut).

The ten winners will each get to choose 50 free courses from the entire Domestika catalog to boost their creativity and enhance their learning across multiple disciplines.

Meet the ten winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021 below!

Yên Trần Phúc Nguyên (@tranphucnguyenyenn1997)

Yên Trần Phúc Nguyên is a Vietnamese illustrator who studied at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, majoring in graphic design. Her work is influenced by Asian crafts such as Chinese handscrolls. In her project Memoirs of a Geisha, an illustrated Orihon book originating from the Tang Dynasty, she used Indian ink, a Kolinsky sable brush, and lines to recreate the mysterious beauty of the world of geishas. Yên Trần had not experimented with digital tools before.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 1
Yên Trần Phúc Nguyên
Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 2
Yên Trần Phúc Nguyên

Yuliia Bahniuk (@yuliia_bahniuk)

Illustrator and pattern designer Yuliia Bahniuk is passionate about nature, explaining that her goal "is to communicate its importance through my drawings". Born in Ukraine, she currently lives and works in India. Wildlife is one of her favorite subjects. Her Animals in Clothes project is a series about animals and the impact people have on their lives. She was also one of the artists involved in the She Did It editorial project, for which she created colorful illustrations. The book highlights influential Ukrainian women in world history.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 4
Yuliia Bahniuk
Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 5
Yuliia Bahniuk

Ángel Luis Sánchez (@angel_luis_sanchez)

Spanish illustrator and graphic designer Ángel Luis Sánchez loves retro video games. His portfolio is an ode to the gaming universe, including designs for the video game Mission Artemis and an illustration for publishing house Game Press’ second book. Ángel Luis is a creative working in advertising, overseeing strategic planning and corporate image. He likes to start each project with a fresh approach while always incorporating his realistic and epic style.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 7
Ángel Luis Sánchez
Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 8
Ángel Luis Sánchez

Gisele (@giselemurias)

Although Gisele works in product design and UX analytics, this Spanish creative is always looking to learn new skills and explore her creative potential. Currently, she is experimenting with illustration. The use of color in her portfolio makes a big impact: Gisele is always looking to experiment and change up her usual palette. She has presented three different themes in which different shades of orange grab our attention. Gisele uses her creative projects to raise awareness of how necessary it is to take care of nature.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 10
Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 11

Rafa G. Arroyo (@ustezki)

Rafa swapped a career as a telecommunications engineer for his passion: the world of cinema. This director, cinematographer, and photographer from Madrid brings together all his specialties in his work. Mother is an experimental dance piece that was filmed in various locations in Spain. Each shot is delicately composed. The piece is about life, fear, dance, and hope and doesn’t feature a single word. Rafa has also collaborated with Acciona on a commercial telling the stories of people who care for the planet.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 14
Rafa G. Arroyo

Vrigit Smith (@vrigit)

This graphic designer from Barcelona has always had a pencil in her hand since discovering the world of drawing. Her artistic portraits, created using watercolor and oil techniques, are characterized by their delicate touch and expressive quality. Her use of color transmits emotions and connects with the viewer. In The Virgin Suicides project, Vrigit transforms one of her portraits into a cover design.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 16
Vrigit Smith
Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 17
Vrigit Smith

Dayana Montesano (@a_elvia)

Born in Rome, Dayana Montesano has always felt a strong connection to the visual arts, exploring all kinds of techniques. Her photographs have been published in various magazines and exhibited at the Leica Gallery in Milan. The female figure is a prominent theme in her illustrations from her portfolio, created using her own digital brushes that produce a watercolor effect. Drawn to dreams and the unconscious, she likes to explore the personality, thoughts, and desires of her characters.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 19
Dayana Montesano
Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 20
Dayana Montesano

Fabry Salgado (@asfabry)

Fabry Salgado is from Colombia. Fabry’s projects, mostly illustration work, channel her passion for nature and adventures. He also has experience in branding. One of his most captivating works is titled General Entomology. Classification of Insects–a series of golden illustrations presented against black backgrounds, which portray each species in incredible detail.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 22
Fabry Salgado
Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 23
Fabry Salgado

Clara Briones Vedia (@vediadesign)

To personalize her projects, this young female artist from Bilbao looks for creative, minimalist, and original solutions. She currently works as a freelancer and her portfolio stands out for its variety of formats: from risograph calendars and augmented reality to designing vinyls and brand identities. Clara is inspired by what surrounds her and seeks to tell stories through design.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 25
Clara Briones Vedia
Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 26
Clara Briones Vedia

Paulo Accioly (@pauloacciolyk)

Paulo Accioly is a Brazilian photographer with a degree in engineering who’s been taking photos since 2008. He has always loved the world of images. He left Brazil to settle in France and explore his creative potential. Since then, he combines photography with collage, animation, and urban intervention projects. His book C'est la vie includes 56 black and white analog photographs that were taken in different countries. He has also captured a series of urban murals in the Pinheiro neighborhood of the Brazilian city of Maceió, the capital of the state of Alagoas.

Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 28
Paulo Accioly
Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021! 29
Paulo Accioly

If your portfolio has not been selected this time around, we encourage you to participate in our next call-outs. At Domestika, we are committed to creativity and promoting talent through learning and professionalization.

Thank you very much to all of you who participated in Domestika Scholarships 2021!

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