120 Books to Spark Your Creativity

Check out some of the most inspiring publications recommended by various Domestika experts

In a world dominated by digital devices, and after spending a whole year in front of a screen working remotely, or studying online, traditional books have become almost a novelty item. However, books are the first thing most creatives will consult when looking for reference material or inspiration.

If you are looking to learn something new, want to overcome a creative block, or need to find ideas to kickstart a personal project, check the book lists we have compiled for you below.

Click on the red links to open the blog posts and access the book lists. These are sorted by area of interest, but be sure to check them all out. You may find inspiration where you didn't expect it.

Art and Design

6 Books to Inspire Graphic Designers

Daniel Barba López, graphic designer and director of Monotypo Studio (@monotypo_studio)–shares his favorite graphic design books to inspire you and help you learn about the history of this discipline.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 2
Shaughnessy, A. (2013), 'Herb Lubalin: American Graphic Designer 1918-1981', Unit Editions

20 Design and Creativity Books to Add to Your Bookshelf

Every great creative needs a great collection of books to inspire fresh ideas. With this in mind, several of our teachers have selected their favorite books to help artists and students find the inspiration they need to launch their next project. Click on the title to check for recommendations that will get your creative juices flowing.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 4
Abstract City, by Christoph Niemann

5 Essential Books to Learn Composition and Balance

Creating an image is not merely putting different elements together. Composition and balance are essential to ensure our photo elements are well placed, effectively structured, and guide the viewer's gaze to the center of our picture.

Lídia Vives (@lidiavivesphoto) is a photographer who specializes in artistic photography and is known for her pictorial self-portraits that always hide secrets. You can improve your photo composition skills with the publications she recommends in this blog post.

Creativity and Inspiration

3 Essential Books for Learning to Create

Inspiration is everywhere, and although it may be waiting for you around the corner, in a café, at a meeting with friends, or in your own home, some books can help you exercise your creativity and help good ideas to flourish. Over the years, illustrator Alfonso de Anda (@deandaalfonso) has become a specialist in capturing good ideas and awakening creativity. Here are some of his favorite books about the habit of creating.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 7
Pressfield, S., (2012), 'The War of Art', Black Irish Entertainment LLC

10 Essential Books to Spark Your Creativity

To stimulate our creativity, we sometimes need to stop what we are doing and look for inspiration elsewhere: see a movie, spend time in nature, have a conversation with a friend, or, even better, read a book. Even if a book is not related to the ideas we are working on, we may find the spark we need to boost our inspiration in its pages.

Helio Vega (@heliovega)–creative, storyteller, and producer, lists some of the publications he regularly refers to in order to stimulate his creativity.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 9
Kirkham, P., (1997), 'Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design', Laurence King

11 Books to Inspire Your Personal Projects

Personal projects can hugely benefit your creative career and personal life. In this blog post, we review 11 sets of readings recommended by Ji Lee, the creative director of Facebook and Instagram, that will inspire you to turn your creative ideas into personal projects.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 11
Belsky, S., (2012), 'Making Ideas Happen', Penguin

The 10 Most Inspiring and Creative Books

We asked the Domestika community who follow our Instagram profile their favorite books when they seek inspiration. We have compiled ten from the most popular, ranging from artistic compilations to stories about personal experiences and comics.


10 Incredible Illustrated Children’s Books for Kids and Adults

Among the classics of children’s literature, there are those titles that stand out for their illustrations. Inspiration can be found anywhere, but books are no doubt one of our greatest creative resources. That’s why we recently asked our Instagram followers to tell us their favorite children’s books. The response, as expected, was varied. Here are the top ten must-read books for any lover of illustration and stories.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 14
Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak.

9 Essential Books to Learn More About Comics

There is no greater inspiration for an illustrator than to study other illustrator's work. When we talk about comic authors, having a sound library with your favorite issues is practically mandatory. But the shelves of an aspiring graphic novelist should not only hold comics. They also need to feature books from other artistic fields as well as manuals and guides dedicated to comic book creation. Don't miss the titles selected by Charles Glaubitz González (@mrglaubitz).

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 16
McCloud, S., (1994), 'Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art', William Morrow & Company


20 UX Design Books for Beginners

UX Design is a skill that's in hot demand. To keep up with current trends in this rapidly growing industry, it's important to constantly seek new sources of information and inspiration. Professional web designers and developers Ethan Parry (@ethanparry), Mario Ferrer (@marioferrer), and Luz de León (@23design) share with us the essential books on UX design that you should have in your library.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 18
S. M. Weinschenk, (2011) '100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People'

5 Essential Brand Strategy Books and the Power of Presentation

The way we present information dramatically influences what the audience absorbs, which is why presentation design is an art in and of itself. Katya Kovalenko (@katyakovalenko) is a Barcelona-based data designer with a background in communication and advertising. She helps businesses communicate visually, clearly, and effectively. Discover the brand strategy publications that will help you harness the influential art of presentation design.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 20
The Brand Gap, by Marty Neumeier

5 Fantastic Books for Those Starting Out in UX

For UK designer and investigator Ethan Parry (@ethanparry), inspiration is everywhere, and books are the best way to keep your mind active and ready to learn from the experiences of those who have faced the same problems as you before you. This list of books is perfect for those starting out in UX design, with several also covering other fields of creativity: it compiles a great range of different ideas to reflect on.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 22
Eyal, N., (2014), 'Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products', Portfolio

Creative Writing

7 Books to Inspire You When Writing Video Game Scripts

For professionals like Víctor Ojuel (@victor_ojuel)–narrative designer for video games– dialogs and stories are key for the development of titles. Books, of course, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for video game writers like him, so Victor shared the books that have influenced his professional career in this blog post.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 24
Vogler, C., (2007), 'The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers', Michael Wiese Productions

7 Books for Creative Writing Inspiration

Writer Shaun Levin (@shaun_levin shares a list of seven books written by established authors to inspire your next writing project. Unlocking our creativity and then channeling it into a structured and coherent piece is a task that continues to baffle millions of writers.

When we’re short on inspiration and desperate for ideas, there are plenty of resources out there that can help us get started. If you dream of penning the next great novel but don’t know where to begin, these books will all point you in the right direction.

120 Books to Spark Your Creativity 26
Writing Down The Bones, by Natalie Goldberg
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