• 10 Free Online Embroidery Classes for Learning New Techniques

    10 Free Online Embroidery Classes for Learning New Techniques

    Discover the techniques used by embroidery experts to start out or enhance your skills in this beautiful and ancient craft Embroidery has been around for many centuries, with mentions of this decorative art in Ancient Greek mythology and examples found in China over 2000 years ago. The uses of this craft have ranged from the royal to the mundane, and the fundamental techniques and stitches are still used to this day. Following an embroidery course can help you master and explore the possibilities of this craft. You can unleash your creativity by decorating fabric or other materials using a needle, thread, or yarn and adding many other embellishing elements.

  • 7 Key Embroidery Terms You Should Get to Know

    7 Key Embroidery Terms You Should Get to Know

    These embroidery posts are a must-read if you want to discover amazing tools, techniques, and styles If you've ever stepped into the world of embroidery, you'll know that it offers endless creative possibilities. In most cases, you only need two items to get started: a needle and thread. But how can you approach new techniques and styles or try out new tools? Besides constantly looking for new references, another alternative is to get to know different embroidery terms. Knowing more about crewel embroidery, needle painting, or latch hooking will push you to experiment. If you are just starting out or want to keep learning, discover these seven inspiring types of embroidery. To learn more about each one, just click on the titles in red. What Is Embroidery and What Are the Main Types of Embroidery? Did you know that almost every culture has some sort of history with embroidery? Some examples date back as far as the 5th century B.C. It is fascinating to explore its history and see its evolution. This is a great way to learn about different techniques available to you and experiment freely. Before picking up your needle, learn more about this exciting practice. This will also help you appreciate the value of each piece you create.

  • Free Punch Needle Pattern for Your Embroidery Projects

    Free Punch Needle Pattern for Your Embroidery Projects

    Textile artist Sara Luna shares a free template so you can make patterns for your embroidered portraits Punch needle is a really popular way to create beautiful embroidery, but it can be hard to get your idea onto fabric. Sara Luna (@saralunart) is a visual artist specializing in textile art and punch needle, whose work has been exhibited in New York and Salt Lake City. She is passionate about combining embroidery portraiture with striking color scales to create depth in her creations and bring them to life.

  • 6 Online Courses for Embroidering Floral and Plant Designs

    6 Online Courses for Embroidering Floral and Plant Designs

    Learn basic embroidery techniques and stitches to depict natural themes with our experts There is no limit to creativity, and you can use needles and thread to capture the beauty of nature with its colors, shapes, and textures. In addition to creating unique pieces, engaging with embroidery allows you to relax and disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. There are various embroidery techniques and styles. If you are learning this art, you will enjoy exploring all the possibilities available. The following courses introduce you to several artists who can guide you step by step and show you their creative processes while inspiring you with extensive reference material.

  • Top 10 Creative Domestika Projects of June 2021

    Top 10 Creative Domestika Projects of June 2021

    Get inspired by Angelina Jolie’s portrait and a concrete kitchen table, two of the most liked projects this month Some of the best-loved subjects by watercolor artists are birds. The Domestika community also shares this preference and last month two of the most appreciated projects were watercolors with birds as protagonists. Other techniques stood out among the community, such as a concrete table and sentimental embroidery. Don’t forget to publish your end-of-course project or any other work you have completed in the Domestika community area. Sharing creativity is great for everyone. Furthermore, any member of the community can put a like or comment on your project. If it is one of the projects to have received more likes during the month, it will feature in the 10 best projects blog post like the one you are reading.

  • #CreateWithPride: Your Favorite LGBTQIA+ Icons

    #CreateWithPride: Your Favorite LGBTQIA+ Icons

    To celebrate Pride Month, the Domestika community has paid tribute to their favorite icons Design and creativity are powerful weapons of communication that have played a key role in the fight against gender and sexual oppression. #CreateWithPride is a Domestika forum action in which the community has been sharing artwork celebrating equality, self-love, tolerance, and freedom by paying homage to their favorite LGBTQIA+ icons. This year, digital illustration, lettering, and embroidery have been the most popular mediums. From singer Freddy Mercury and poet Federico García Lorca to Brazilian activist Marielle Franco, discover a selection of some of the most interesting projects that have been posted in response to this call-out. Thank you very much to everyone who participated!

  • 7 Free Tutorials With DIY Ideas to Easily Repair Your Clothes

    7 Free Tutorials With DIY Ideas to Easily Repair Your Clothes

    Give your designer clothes a second chance and learn new DIY craft techniques with these experts More and more people are getting interested in creative movements such as upcycling to give useful but used objects a new life. You too can save money while expressing yourself creatively, and upgrading your designer clothes. With your crafty work and DIY techniques, you’ll also gain a unique wardrobe that truly reflects your personality.

  • Top 10 Creative Projects of May 2021

    Top 10 Creative Projects of May 2021

    Illustration, papercraft, and embroidery projects got the most attention from the Domestika community during May Should you share your creativity with others? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then the answer is simply yes. In the same way that other people's work inspires you, you too can contribute with your style and skills. You may even find some opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people. The project area within the Domestika community is the perfect place to showcase your creations. You will find personal projects of creative members of the community, end-of-course projects, and new material from the Domestika teachers and experts. Furthermore, any member of the community has the chance to like or comment on your project. If your project receives the most likes in one month, it will be featured as one of the month’s favorites, just like the ones listed in this article.

  • 10 Online Upcycling Courses for Getting Creative at Home

    10 Online Upcycling Courses for Getting Creative at Home

    Experts in upcycling share techniques and ideas for creating while recycling Upcycling is a brilliantly creative way to draw attention to the importance of recycling. Finding new uses for materials that had been cast aside as useless, and transforming them into uniquely personalized objects, is very stimulating for the imagination. If you are passionate about sustainability and love crafts, this increasingly popular practice is for you. In the following list, you will find ten online upcycling courses for beginners. Even if you don’t have any experience, you can learn to transform old furniture or repair your favorite items of clothing with embroidery, crochet, or darning. Discover different materials and techniques for upcycling from home. Chair Restoration and Upholstery, a course by Lucia Giraudo If you think one of your chairs needs updating, why not upholster it yourself? To do so, Argentine entrepreneur Lucía Giraudo will show you how to disassemble your chair with the right tools. Discover which materials she recommends and learn how to differentiate between synthetic and natural fibers. Explore the world of fabrics, how to care for them, and transform that old chair into something totally unique.

  • 10 Online Courses For Getting Creative with Botany

    10 Online Courses For Getting Creative with Botany

    Explore the creative possibilities of botany with our experts in illustration, embroidery, and flower pressing Botany has always provided artists with endless inspiration. Whatever your discipline of choice, capturing the beauty of nature is one of the greatest creative challenges you can set yourself. If you like to observe nature’s textures, colors, and shapes, let them inspire you to start creating with your hands. In the following list, you will discover ten online botany courses for beginners exploring illustration techniques, embroidery, and printing on paper or textiles. If you like drawing, you will also find a sketchbook course. For those looking to go a step further, you can even try your hand at designing flower and plant-inspired tattoos. Basic Botanical Pressing Techniques, a course by Happy Green Family Would you like to create unique botanical compositions with flowers? In this course, Camila will introduce you to the world of herbaria and teach you about the history of this practice. You will then learn how to collect and preserve plants and try out different pressing techniques to create a page separator or a picture. The founder of Happy Green Family–a botanical laboratory focused on creativity–will encourage you to embrace her passion for plants and what you can do with them.

  • 6 Free Upcycling Tutorials for Repairing Clothes with Creativity

    6 Free Upcycling Tutorials for Repairing Clothes with Creativity

    From embroidery to stencil design, revamp your wardrobe and join the slow fashion movement Clothes are an essential item we use on a daily basis, however, they also serve as a canvas for our creativity. Customizing pieces from our wardrobe is a wonderful form of self-expression that can also extend the life of an older garment and reduce waste. From embroidery to stencil design, these six upcycling tutorials provide fun and creative ways to revamp your wardrobe and join the slow fashion movement. Click on the title in red to access the full content! Embroidery Tutorial: How to Create an Appliqué Appliqué is a great way to update your clothes, give them character, and fixing any rips or holes. This technique consists of embroidering a design, turning it into a patch, and then sewing it to your garment (or whatever surface you like!). In this tutorial, textile designer Ana María Restrepo (anamaria_10), who teaches the Domestika course Fashion Design: Painting and Embroidering Garments, will guide you through her process for converting an embroidered design into a patch.

  • Free Butterfly Embroidery Pattern

    Free Butterfly Embroidery Pattern

    Do you want to embroider a beautiful monarch butterfly? Check out this pattern shared by Emillie Ferris In the art of needle painting, a needle acts like a brush and the thread as the paint, helping you achieve hyper-realistic designs. You can create realistic embroidered pieces using the long and short stitch technique, just like Emillie Ferris (@emillieferris), who makes contemporary embroidery patterns, kits, pins, and original hoop art using traditional methods. Insects are a wonderful place to start if you’re a beginner, as they can be very forgiving of mistakes. Their symmetrical nature also makes the entire embroidery process very meditative and relaxing.

  • Top 10 Creative Projects of April 2021

    Top 10 Creative Projects of April 2021

    We’ve compiled a list of 10 projects that have received a lot of positive attention from the Domestika community over April It’s that time of the month when we look back at 10 projects that the Domestika community has crowned as their favorites. If you are looking for inspiration, this list shares personal work, final projects for courses, and exciting updates from Domestika teachers: be inspired by creativity in all different forms. While each project is unique, all ten listed have something in common: they have received the most likes from our community. Over April, watercolor and embroidery stood out as the most popular disciplines. However, the community wasn’t just thinking about threads and colors last month: an e-commerce sustainable packaging project and a digital portrait created in Procreate also feature on the list. If you want to explore each project, click on the title in red. We'd love to hear which one you liked the most in the comments section at the bottom of the article. ¡Nuevo libro! Creative Watercolor and Mixed Media, by Ana Victoria Calderon (@anavictoriana) Ana Victoria Calderón, who teaches Domestika courses such as Modern Watercolor Techniques, has published a book titled Creative Watercolor and Mixed Media. The project has been very enthusiastically received by our community. Presented as a beginner's guide, the book encourages you to experiment with different techniques and paint sparkling galaxies, glowing oceans, and dazzling crystals. The author has shared various images of her process to give you a glimpse of what to expect.

  • Free Color Theory Guide for Embroidery

    Free Color Theory Guide for Embroidery

    Do you want to know how to use color in your punch needle embroidered portraits? Check out this guide Freelance fabricator and designer Camille Labarre (@camillelabarre) can help you turn your next big idea into something tangible. Embroidery with a punch needle is a relaxing, fun, and therapeutic activity. It allows you to create textured works of art that showcase your personal style. Knowing how to choose your colors is key in any art. If you didn’t go to art school, chances are you’ve never even heard of color theory. It is important to know and identify the differences between hue, saturation, and value. These key concepts are incredibly helpful when it comes to your final piece.

  • 10 Online Creative Embroidery Courses for Beginners

    10 Online Creative Embroidery Courses for Beginners

    Grab a needle and thread and learn to make accessories and decorative pieces with our creative embroidery experts Creative embroidery is a versatile craft expressing your emotions and personal style. Make innovative pieces full of texture, detail, and color. Explore our list of ten online courses in creative embroidery for beginners, taught by top experts. You will learn everything from the most useful techniques for repairing items of clothing to the most artistic ones, such as photo embroidery, punch needle embroidery, creating decorative tapestries. Experiment and make your way in this craft discipline and start creating with thread and needle. These are the courses we recommend: Embroidery: Clothing Repair, a course by Ofelia & Antelmo Learn to fix any damaged items in your closet or redesign the ones you no longer wear using the “visible mending” technique, taught by embroidery and textile art specialist and creator of Ofelia & Antelmo, Gabriela Martínez. You will first learn about all the different materials you can use. You will then go on to practice different stitches and create unique compositions using patches and visible mending techniques.

  • 10 Creative Embroidery Online Courses for Beginners

    10 Creative Embroidery Online Courses for Beginners

    Discover some fascinating hand embroidery techniques with our excellent specialists and turn your passion into a profession Over the last ten years, embroidery has become very popular and has gained new artistic, social, and political meaning. Nowadays, it means getting in touch with thousand-year-old artisanal techniques and establishing new connections with our objects and garments. Furthermore, embroidery allows us to create truly unique pieces. To accompany you in a fascinating embroidering adventure, we have selected several courses that will teach you basic embroidery principles while showing you the infinite possibilities of this technique using materials like wood, paper, and fabric. Nine experts share the secrets of their creative processes so that you can also become a professional embroiderer and achieve fantastic designs. Character Illustration with Needle and Thread, a course by Flora Te Sometimes, innovation comes from experimenting and mixing materials and techniques. Embroiderer and illustrator Florencia Toyos (@holaflorate), better known as Flora Te, combines traditional disciplines that have nothing to do with each other, such as embroidery and illustration, to create fun and unusual pieces. Her Diburdaditos, embroidered pins of illustrated characters, are an example of her style. In her course, Flora explains her creative processes to help you get inspired and transform your ideas into a sketch first and later into a final piece. She also demonstrates various embroidery stitches that will help bring your characters to life.

  • 8 Online Upcycling Courses for Creating and Repairing Garments

    8 Online Upcycling Courses for Creating and Repairing Garments

    Upcycle your garments with the help of fashion experts, using crocheting, embroidery, and other techniques Upcycling is a topical concept in society nowadays. It is tightly linked to the ecological movement, as we strive to safeguard the planet and preserve its resources. In fashion, this trend encourages us to increase the lifespan of our clothes by repurposing their designs. We can apply various techniques to create new designs using all sorts of material. These eight courses that we have selected for you will demonstrate the many faces of upcycling. If you are into textiles and have some time and imagination, you’ll be in for a treat while learning with these experts. They will teach you to repair or create new garments with these super creative tools. Embroidery: Clothing Repair, a course by Ofelia & Antelmo Are you familiar with the ‘visible mending’ technique? Find out how you can fix any unused or damaged clothing piece with Gabriela Martínez, a specialist in embroidery and textile art. The founder of the Ofelia & Antelmo project will teach you techniques and tips for embroidering and creating patches. In her course, she shows you how to create garments sustainably.

  • 5 Free Online Craft Classes: Essential Materials for Beginners

    5 Free Online Craft Classes: Essential Materials for Beginners

    Discover the essential materials you’ll need to start out in the world of crafts Crafts are an excellent starting point for developing your artistic potential, besides helping you improve your concentration, self-esteem, and attention to detail. Embroidery, needle felting, amigurumi, or crocheting are all good options to achieve those goals and exploiting your creativity. Creative processes and results can differ from person to person. Some people follow routines and others only create when inspired, but all have something in common: a creative mind continuously looking for new ways of expression.

  • Domestika Diary: Caro Bello

    Domestika Diary: Caro Bello

    Caro Bello is a graphic designer and punch-needle embroidery expert. She tells us about her working process and creative routine in this Domestika Diary

  • Sourcing Inspirational Images for Your Next Embroidery Project

    Sourcing Inspirational Images for Your Next Embroidery Project

    How to use Instagram to find images that will inspire your next creation Courtney McLeod, also known as Dearest Q (@dearest_q), is a textile artist based in Philadelphia who creates colorful framed embroidery art inspired by fashion illustration and 90s pop culture. Working with clean lines and minimalist compositions, Courtney produces figurative illustrations on fabric. She sells her work on her online store and has been commissioned by Brie Larson, Peppa Pig, and the magazines “Today’s Parent,” “Love Embroidery,” and “Koel.” Courtney first learned to embroider while studying textile art at OCADU in Toronto. She picked it up again after graduation while working at a restaurant as a relaxing and portable activity she could easily do during her breaks. She started off embroidering lots of plants and copied popular motifs that she saw other artists recreating. However, as her skills evolved, Courtney quickly developed her own style and found herself drawn to fashion illustration, embroidering shoes, colorful socks, and women wearing vintage denim.

  • 5 Free Online Classes to Learn How to Take Care of Your Embroidery

    5 Free Online Classes to Learn How to Take Care of Your Embroidery

    Discover the best care you can give to your embroidery with the advice of five experts Hand embroidery is a very delicate process, time consuming and requires great attention to detail. Therefore, it is essential to know how to take care of your pieces. After so much dedication, you probably don't want your creations to spoil due to lack of care. With this in mind and with the intention that you learn to care for your hand embroidery like a pro, we have selected the following free classes. To see each lesson, you just have to click on its red title. Enjoy!

  • Free Embroidery Pattern Guide to Create Hairstyles With Volume

    Free Embroidery Pattern Guide to Create Hairstyles With Volume

    Señorita Lylo shares patterns and photos with models to embroider braids, bows and hairstyles with flowers If you want to learn different techniques to achieve embroideries that stand out from the frame and give your creations another dimension, textile designer Señorita Lylo is here for you. This embroiderer and graphic designer brings yarn to life by creating designs with volume. Also, she knows how to teach and share her techniques: her pedagogical, practical and inspiring style has earned her thousands of followers on social media.

  • Embroidery Tutorial: How to Care for Hand Embroidered Clothing

    Embroidery Tutorial: How to Care for Hand Embroidered Clothing

    Learn how to care for your hand-embroidered clothing and art, with Kseniia Guseva Hand embroidery is a meticulous and time-consuming task. It's important not to let your efforts go to waste by failing to care for it properly. Kseniia Guseva, also known as @faimyxstitch, is a hand embroidery artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. According to Kseniia, “embroidery makes everything better.” She is particularly passionate about architecture–and has created over 100 city patterns; upcycling; and customizing different items, such as jeans, bags, T-shirts, and even trainers. In this tutorial, she shares a number of simple and essential tips on how to make sure your pieces last.

  • What is Macramé?

    What is Macramé?

    Learn about the origins of this knotting technique Macramé is a craft that has only gotten more popular thanks to its Instagram-friendly aesthetic and how easy it is to use to decorate and add personality to our homes. Discover more about the origins of this technique and how you can start knotting beautiful pieces yourself.