• Paula Scher: Insider Advice From the Trailblazing Designer

    Paula Scher: Insider Advice From the Trailblazing Designer

    The rock star of visual identity gives us her unique insight into the world of branding and design Paula Scher is no stranger to success. The designer, artist, and teacher, is the creative genius behind the visual identities of some of the most important brands in the world, with an enviable client list that includes Coca-Cola, Tiffany & Co, Microsoft, the New York City Ballet, and the Museum of Modern Art. In this episode of Domestika Maestros, we discover the challenges she has faced in the industry, the defining moments of her career, and a few insider tips for aspiring creatives.

  • Uemura Shōen: The Inspiring Story of Japan's First Female Professional Painter

    Uemura Shōen: The Inspiring Story of Japan's First Female Professional Painter

    Discover the work of the woman who broke down barriers and became one of Japan's most recognized artists A mold-breaking artist and outstanding painter who became famous within her lifetime, Uemura Shōen broke down barriers imposed on women in contemporary Japan. She won international awards and accolades, defied social norms as a single mother of two, and dived into the world of professional painting at a time when women weren’t welcome. This is the inspiring story of the Japanese painter who rose to fame and took her country's art scene by storm.

  • Sophia Parnok: One of the First Openly Lesbian Voices of Russian Poetry

    Sophia Parnok: One of the First Openly Lesbian Voices of Russian Poetry

    Discover the life and work of the influential Russian-Jewish poet whose work was banned from publication Sophia Parnok was a Russian-Jewish poet born in 1885 and was considered the only openly lesbian voice of the Silver Age of Russian Poetry. During her lifetime, she published five volumes of poetry, a substantial body of literary criticism, and authored the libretti of several operas. Yet, despite her achievements, her work still remains relatively unknown.

  • Photographer Claudia Andujar: a Life Dedicated to the Socially Invisible

    Photographer Claudia Andujar: a Life Dedicated to the Socially Invisible

    Discover the work of this 90-year-old Swiss-Brazilian creator and activist, defender of the indigenous cause Half a century ago, when Claudia Andujar first visited the great land of the Yanomami, a territory larger than Portugal, situated on the extreme North of Brazil, and inhabited by around 30,000 souls, this ancient civilization was living in isolation, leading existences embedded in tradition. Over the next few decades, she was able to document what assimilation had meant to the villages of the forest—illegal mining of metals, land-grabbing, loss of traditions and landmarks, illness, and misery. During the most critical moments of the aggressive developmentalism by the military dictatorship and the failing democratization at the end of the 1980s, the Swiss photographer, with Brazilian naturalization, captured the accelerated transformation that impacted the surviving people who originally inhabited the country.

  • 5 Contemporary Artists Who Color Photographs with Paint

    5 Contemporary Artists Who Color Photographs with Paint

    Discover this technique for coloring photos and be inspired by these innovative photographers and visual artists Painting and photography are two visual languages that can be combined to create surreal universes that awaken our creativity and imagination. For Brazilian documentary filmmaker, director of photography, photographer, and visual artist Carine Wallauer (@wallauercarine), combining photo records with watercolor painting techniques allows her to experiment with new emotions and play with different tones and textures in her art.

  • Watercolor Tutorial: How to Create Shadow Using Color Theory

    Watercolor Tutorial: How to Create Shadow Using Color Theory

    Learn the basics of using Color Theory to create shadow in watercolor for beginners, with Sarah Stokes Sarah Stokes is a watercolor artist based in Worcestershire, UK. Known for her animal paintings, she uses tone and shadow to create movement, definition and texture in her work. When working with color like Sarah, Color Theory is a great tool to use as it illustrates the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary colors and how to use them together. The color theory tells us that by adding a complimentary color to a base color, we can create a darker, more neutral shade, and dull the original base color down. This new shade can then be used to aid composition, depth and balance when applied as a color to create shadow. In this beginner's tutorial, Sarah Stokes explains how to use a color wheel to find the complimentary color to your base color, and how to create a muddier version of this shade to add shadow.

  • 10 Female Geeks Who Changed History

    10 Female Geeks Who Changed History

    Celebrate the lives of ten women whose nerdy obsessions changed the world Those who show a lot of enthusiasm for niche subjects, solve problems quicker than everyone else, or prefer to spend their free time furthering passion projects instead of socializing, often get labeled "geeks". It is a word that has been used as an insult to banish a person or group of people to a particular corner of the school cafeteria and make them feel ashamed of their talents and achievements. However, being a geek is something to celebrate, which is exactly why Geek Pride Day was created in the late 90s/early 00s, held annually around the world on May 25. Geeks are usually gifted and unfazed by the idea of being different. Throughout history, their dedication to their specialist subjects has resulted in outstanding contributions being made to society. Today, we’re celebrating ten real-life women whose nerdy obsessions changed the world.

  • What Is Documentary Family Photography?

    What Is Documentary Family Photography?

    Discover a photography style that captures the intimacy, routines, and relationship ties of a family If you are over 30, you will remember when your parents and grandparents used to pull out and show family albums to visiting family and friends. Together with many staged pictures, those albums are also full of spontaneous and unexpected snapshots. In the days of analog photography, you could not see the result of your shots before developing them, which allowed for a lot more spontaneity. And spontaneity is one of the main features of celebrated Brazilian photographer Grazi Ventura (@graziventura), a documentary family photography specialist.

  • 4 Influential Female Writers Who Hid Behind Male Pen Names

    4 Influential Female Writers Who Hid Behind Male Pen Names

    These world-famous female writers pretended they were men to ensure their work was read and published In 1929, in her essay A Room of One's Own, novelist Virginia Woolf pondered why there weren’t any literary works, poems, or sonnets written by women during Shakespeare's time that had made it into the history books. Her conclusion makes you think: "I would venture to guess that Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman." While it is now impossible to know if any of these "anonymous authors" were women, what we do know is that many female authors and writers couldn’t sign their real names due to the constraints of the times, the subjects they were writing about, or the literary genres they were interested in... Instead, they used male pen names to avoid being judged, censored, or scorned. Their talent and creativity are responsible for major contributions to the history of world literature. Have you read any of their classic texts? 1. The Brontë sisters (the Bell brothers) Sisters Charlotte Brontë (author of Jane Eyre), Emily Brontë (author of Wuthering Heights), and Anne Brontë (author of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall) launched their literary career signing the names Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell. Their decision to do so was down to the fact that the subjects they were writing about were considered shocking, even immoral, at the time: controversial romances, alcoholism, violence... Although many of their contemporary writers still criticized their work for its "depraved" content, the reaction would have been far more extreme had it been known that these texts were written by three women from respectable families. Today, these sisters’ novels are considered groundbreaking works of art that have made their mark on the history of literature.

  • 10 Female Crypto Artists to Keep an Eye On

    10 Female Crypto Artists to Keep an Eye On

    Discover the works of female visual artists selling their art on NFT marketplaces As the crypto art market grows, it is becoming more and more male-dominated. While the overwhelming majority of artists embracing this market are male, more and more women are beginning to band together to help each other get a foot in the door of virtual galleries where they can access the highest-paying collectors. Below is a list of ten female creatives—designers, illustrators, animators, and digital photographers—who are active in the NFT community. They all seek to gain better exposure and do so through collaborations, mutual recommendations, and sharing their artworks online.

  • Instagram Tutorial: How to Make the Perfect IG Reels

    Instagram Tutorial: How to Make the Perfect IG Reels

    Learn how to produce creative Instagram Reels from scratch and succeed on social media, with Vix Meldrew Vix Meldrew is an educator specializing in social media and personal branding who helps people and brands build communities using Instagram. Her work as a professional content creator and influencer consultant led her to establish Grow & Glow, a community of creators and founders that empowers others on their brand-building journey. In this tutorial, Vix shares four fundamental tips to create successful IG Reels. Find out more in the video.