• DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Spotted Wool Pom-Pom

    DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Spotted Wool Pom-Pom

    Learn this simple technique for making a wool pom-pom with spot pattern in the centre, with Christie Leech You might think pom-poms are only good for the ends of wooly hats. However, with a little bit of ingenuity, they can be used as an exciting and vibrant medium in textile art. Christie Leech (@sewyeah) is an author, maker, and stylist who specialises in the creation of art with pom-poms. In this tutorial, she shares a simple method for creating a pom-pom with a spot pattern in the centre from scratch.

  • 11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By

    11 Polymer Clay Artists To Be Inspired By

    Portuguese artist Marisa Clemente shares a list of artists who inspire her every day Polymer clay, also known as FIMO, is a highly versatile modeling material. One of its key characteristics is how malleable it is, making it easy to reshape or make alterations to your creation as you sculpt. After your polymer clay piece has been baked and cooled, it can be sanded, polished, drilled, and glazed. Your end creation will be light and highly resistant. Marisa Clemente (@thefolkyfox) is a specialist when it comes to working with polymer clay. This Portuguese artist has clay modeling in her blood–her family on her mother’s side are passionate about ceramics. Under her brand, The Folky Fox, Marisa creates jewelry and accessories out of polymer clay that celebrate nature and the animal world and combine simple lines and realistic details. Now Marisa shares 11 polymer clay artists that inspire her every day.

  • Top 14 Needle Felting Artists To Be Inspired By

    Top 14 Needle Felting Artists To Be Inspired By

    Discover the work of these top needle felting artists using wool in inventive ways Needle felting, a technique that involves compacting a ball of wool to create different shapes using a spiky needle, is growing increasingly popular. This is largely thanks to social media, which provides artists with a platform to share and sell their adorable needle felted art toys and other creations. In this blog post, three Domestika teachers share a list of needle felting artists whose work will inspire you to pick up a needle. Artists selected by Caro Indy (@caroindy): Wes Anderson – The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox Let’s start by talking about Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, a stop-motion animation film starring some very charismatic needle-felted animals who stole the hearts of indie film lovers. This film made needle felting very popular, even though Wes didn’t actually make the animals with his own hands. Carolina Alles recommends the book, The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox. The film is an adaptation of Roald Dahl's children's classic, a story that Anderson reimagined in 2009 for the enjoyment of a new generation of cinema-goers. The book offers a vast amount of material, such as storyboards and behind-the-scenes photos.

  • Basic Materials For Your Next Binding Project

    Basic Materials For Your Next Binding Project

    Discover the tools and materials you’ll need to bind without creating any folds With so many aspects of our lives becoming digitized, we have found a new appreciation for objects that awaken all the senses. Binding is a technique used to create beautiful objects using just our hands. It is a great way to present art and design work, a publishing project, your portfolio, and much more. In this blog post, Susana Domínguez (@susanadominguez)–who won a national competition for artistic binding in Spain in 2017–shares a list of basic materials you’ll need to bind without creating any folds. Your creation will open up 100% and enable you to present your work without having to worry about losing any loose pages. Let's get to work!

  • Sourcing Inspirational Images for Your Next Embroidery Project

    Sourcing Inspirational Images for Your Next Embroidery Project

    How to use Instagram to find images that will inspire your next creation Courtney McLeod, also known as Dearest Q (@dearest_q), is a textile artist based in Philadelphia who creates colorful framed embroidery art inspired by fashion illustration and 90s pop culture. Working with clean lines and minimalist compositions, Courtney produces figurative illustrations on fabric. She sells her work on her online store and has been commissioned by Brie Larson, Peppa Pig, and the magazines “Today’s Parent,” “Love Embroidery,” and “Koel.” Courtney first learned to embroider while studying textile art at OCADU in Toronto. She picked it up again after graduation while working at a restaurant as a relaxing and portable activity she could easily do during her breaks. She started off embroidering lots of plants and copied popular motifs that she saw other artists recreating. However, as her skills evolved, Courtney quickly developed her own style and found herself drawn to fashion illustration, embroidering shoes, colorful socks, and women wearing vintage denim.

  • Free Template to Sculpt a Ceramic Vase

    Free Template to Sculpt a Ceramic Vase

    Ceramic Artist Sandra Apperloo shares a basic template for a personalized vase project In the last decade or so, ceramics and pottery have seen a true renascence. One of the reasons is that working with clay is filled with pleasant surprises, with almost endless possibilities to explore. This vision is shared by Sandra Apperloo (@thepotteryparade), a ceramist who has not only found great joy in the craft, but also made it her full-time profession. Her brand, known as The Pottery Parade, is filled with quirky faces and pastel hues, has over 100K followers on Instagram, and has been featured in magazines like This is Colossal, ArtPeople, and more.

  • 5 Free Online Classes to Learn How to Take Care of Your Embroidery

    5 Free Online Classes to Learn How to Take Care of Your Embroidery

    Discover the best care you can give to your embroidery with the advice of five experts Hand embroidery is a very delicate process, time consuming and requires great attention to detail. Therefore, it is essential to know how to take care of your pieces. After so much dedication, you probably don't want your creations to spoil due to lack of care. With this in mind and with the intention that you learn to care for your hand embroidery like a pro, we have selected the following free classes. To see each lesson, you just have to click on its red title. Enjoy!

  • Free Embroidery Pattern Guide to Create Hairstyles With Volume

    Free Embroidery Pattern Guide to Create Hairstyles With Volume

    Señorita Lylo shares patterns and photos with models to embroider braids, bows and hairstyles with flowers If you want to learn different techniques to achieve embroideries that stand out from the frame and give your creations another dimension, textile designer Señorita Lylo is here for you. This embroiderer and graphic designer brings yarn to life by creating designs with volume. Also, she knows how to teach and share her techniques: her pedagogical, practical and inspiring style has earned her thousands of followers on social media.

  • Mia Winston-Hart Creates Vibrant Resin Jewelry

    Mia Winston-Hart Creates Vibrant Resin Jewelry

    Meet the British jewelry designer crafting one-of-a-kind pieces with epoxy resin A graduate of the University of the Arts in London, Mia Winston-Hart (@miawinstonhart) is an educator and the founder and owner of a small accessories business in the south of England. She creates brightly-colored one-of-a-kind pieces with epoxy resin–a material that has no limits, allowing Mia to explore her creativity and work with an infinite range of shapes and colors.

  • What Are Scrapbooks and What Are The Different Types?

    What Are Scrapbooks and What Are The Different Types?

    Learn about scrapbooking and how to use this creative tool to preserve memories and tell a story “Life is all memory, except for the present moment that goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going.” The words of American playwright Tennessee Williams perhaps explain why scrapbooking, the art of creating scrapbooks, has become so popular. But what exactly is a scrapbook? Discover below.

  • Embroidery Tutorial: How to Care for Hand Embroidered Clothing

    Embroidery Tutorial: How to Care for Hand Embroidered Clothing

    Learn how to care for your hand-embroidered clothing and art, with Kseniia Guseva Hand embroidery is a meticulous and time-consuming task. It's important not to let your efforts go to waste by failing to care for it properly. Kseniia Guseva, also known as @faimyxstitch, is a hand embroidery artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. According to Kseniia, “embroidery makes everything better.” She is particularly passionate about architecture–and has created over 100 city patterns; upcycling; and customizing different items, such as jeans, bags, T-shirts, and even trainers. In this tutorial, she shares a number of simple and essential tips on how to make sure your pieces last.

  • Basic Materials for Textile Painting

    Basic Materials for Textile Painting

    Find out what materials are needed to start creating unique pieces painted on fabric Like it or not, the way we dress reveals a lot about us. It is a way of positioning ourselves, of showing, even in silence, our references and passions. And, for those who value originality, nothing better than a personalized garment that sets them apart immediately, right? Painting on canvas is one of the best ways to achieve this effect. Check below the list that specialist Ana María Restrepo (@anamaria_10), designer and textile artist behind the Amarpo brand, who has collaborated with brands with Levi's or Andres Pajon, prepared with the basic materials for those who want to start in the world of textile painting.

  • 5 Courses on How to Become a Floral Designer

    5 Courses on How to Become a Floral Designer

    Learn artisanal techniques to make floral designs with your hands If you love anything flower related, search no more! These courses are just for you. Learn from 5 experts how to use real and handmade flowers to create amazing designs, modify objects, and create craft projects to improve your home or make a special gift. Are you ready to start creating? Just click on the course title to learn more about it.

  • Free Download: A Color Theory Guide for Floral Compositions

    Free Download: A Color Theory Guide for Floral Compositions

    Find out what a flower color wheel is: a tool used to match colors with harmony and safety with the help of an expert If you are interested in creating floral designs, you probably know that the success of a composition lies in understanding what each flower communicates with respect to the others, as well as its global meaning. To achieve this understanding there are some concepts that you must know: the use of textures, the sense of heights and depths and, of course, the harmonization of color. If you want to improve on this last point, you will find very useful a presentation on Color Theory prepared by Juliana Bustillo, creative director and founder of ORA The Floral Agency (@orafloralagency), creator of floral designs for big brands like Carolina Herrera, Cartier, Mont Blanc, H&M and many others.

  • What is Macramé?

    What is Macramé?

    Learn about the origins of this knotting technique Macramé is a craft that has only gotten more popular thanks to its Instagram-friendly aesthetic and how easy it is to use to decorate and add personality to our homes. Discover more about the origins of this technique and how you can start knotting beautiful pieces yourself.

  • Materials: Paper Flowers

    Materials: Paper Flowers

    Discover the materials you need to create a wide range of flowers and incredible botanical art with artist and maker Eileen Ng

  • 20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021

    20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021

    Get inspired by the most successful craft artists of the Domestika community in 2020 Craft has acquired many followers, but the image it evokes can be old-fashioned and doesn’t reflect the many possibilities it offers. For this reason, crafts are often considered an unsung category of the creative world. The best way to learn about this art form is by exploring what contemporary craft artists are doing to innovate and rejuvenate old techniques like embroidery, ceramics, collage, and crocheting. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to prove it. Reset and change your Instagram feed, with images from creatives from around the world that will surprise and inspire you to take on a craft. Kathrin Marchenko (@kathrin_marchenko) Inspired by fashion and haute couture, Moscow textile artist, Kathrin Marchenko, uses tulle and colorful threads as a canvas and creates art pieces with 3D effects.

  • What Is Ikebana?

    What Is Ikebana?

    Discover the ancestral Japanese art of arranging flowers and the best-known styles Ikebana, also known as Kado, is an art form that uses floral arrangements as a medium, following pre-established rules and symbolism. In Japanese, the term means both "to give life to the flowers" and "floral arrangement". The other denomination, Kado, means "the path of flowers."

  • Domestika Diary: Jessica Dance

    Domestika Diary: Jessica Dance

    Miniature model maker Jessica Dance takes us through her daily routine and creative process in the Southdowns, UK Jessica Dance (@jessica_dance) is an artist, designer, and coach who creates miniature models. Her unusual approach to design and making has led to collaborations with a host of global brands, including the BBC, Vogue, and Volkswagen, on jobs ranging from editorial design and animated adverts to interiors and installations. In this Domestika Diary, Jessica shares the daily routine that has enabled her to stay healthy, creative, and successful: