Domestika Diary: Diana Beltrán Herrera Captures Nature on Paper

The Bristol-based Colombian designer shares her family routine and creative processes

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for Diana Beltrán Herrera (@dianabeltranherrera). So it’s not surprising she uses the patterns, colors and shapes she finds in her adopted home of Bristol to inspire her creations in paper, card, paint and other materials.

In this Domestika Diary, the creator of papercraft projects for advertising, international brands and publications shares a little of her routine with the family and reveals her creative processes.

Discover her tips in the video.

Beautiful sculptures of birds, desert islands and palm trees, fox heads and thousands of other forms are born out of a lot of research. Diana looks for new sources of inspiration and ways to turn her ideas into paper every day.
Most mornings, she can be found at home, enjoying the company of her kids. And reading about design, art and nature. Then she walks through the Bristol woods, collecting leaves, flowers and other materials to recreate.

“My workshop is 15 minutes from my house. So on a sunny day, I walk over there and enjoy the green city landscape,“ she relates.

She needs to be alone in her workshop to be able to concentrate and translate everything she has observed into her work. “What I do is really very simple: I tell paper stories. Planning is the hardest part.“ she explains, highlighting the value of dedication and trial and error to achieve the best results.

Love this video? Remember you can learn how to explore the creative possibilities of paper and turn your designs into creations with volume in Diana’s online course: Advanced Papercraft Techniques: Designing With Paper.

English version by @studiogaunt

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