21 Free Photoshop Illustration Brushes

Gain speed and ease in illustration by practicing with this series of brushes in different types of exercises

In illustration, the first years are essential to gain ease and confidence. The illustrator Del Hambre (@del_hambre) knows this well. He has spent more than 15 years professionally dedicated to this world. Practicing so that your works are unique is the most important thing.

Del Hambre, who draws every Sunday in El País newspaper, recommends you put on daily routines with exercises of all kinds. In addition, he also provides you with a series of 21 brushes for Photoshop. The goal is for you to learn to draw immediately and without thinking too much, something that is only achieved when you feel confident illustrating.

21 Free Photoshop Illustration Brushes 1
Cover of Del Hambre for ‘Babelia’.

This free download includes a total of 21 brushes for Photoshop. All of them will become your allies to work the exercises. Del Hambre has described them in the most precise way so that you can distinguish them instantly. However, by double clicking on the name of the brush, you can rename it to your liking.

The next step is to play with them to combine pressures and different finishes. That is the only way to understand the nuances of each brush. To do this, you can copy examples from the internet or look for references from other illustrators that you admire. Prioritize variety and exercises that combine different forms and patterns to improve yourself little by little.

One of the skills you acquire by practicing is versatility. "The ability to adapt to each project and client is important," says Del Hambre. Still, that doesn't mean you don't reflect your style. In fact, of the 21 brushes, some you will like more for their finish and those will probably be the ones that best represent your essence.

21 Free Photoshop Illustration Brushes 3
All 21 brushes in the download.

By practicing with these routines, you will advance and gain confidence naturally. Something fundamental to enjoy illustration while telling stories with your drawings.

To download this file, please click on the box below. You’ll find a .zip file in your Downloads folder. We suggest you download it on your computer and not on your mobile. Then you must use free software like winzip to open the file and find the 21 brushes in .abr format.

21 Free Photoshop Illustration Brushes 5

This download will only be available until June 20, 2021. If you want to access the material after that date, you can sign up to Del Hambre’s course, Digital Sketchbook: Awaken Your Creativity.

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