7 Online Woodworking Courses for Beginners

Step into the world of furniture and create your own wood pieces at home with our experts

If you’re interested in diving headfirst into carpentry, you’ll need to get to know the different techniques and tools. Everything you learn during these early stages will be useful for developing your skills in the future. So, enjoy discovering all of the creative possibilities you can explore with wood.

These online courses will teach you everything you need to know about this discipline, especially if you are just starting out. With courses dedicated to furniture design, restoring and upholstering chairs, and making your own frames, be inspired by these seven woodworking experts and start creating your own unique pieces.

Design and Creation of Handmade Workspaces, a course by Gema Casado Olea

Spaces have the power to positively impact the people who inhabit them. In this course, Gema Casado Olea, founder of El Tarro de Ideas, will teach you how to create a workspace that embodies who you are. She will guide you through building a desk and storage unit using DIY techniques. Following the principles of Fengshui, you will create a well-balanced space flowing with energy.

Professional Woodworking for Beginners, a course by Patricio Ortega

The goal of this course is to build a plywood stool without having any previous experience. Architect, carpenter, and co-founder of Maderística Patricio Ortega will guide you through each step. Explore all the different tools, learning which are essential and which are complementary, and learn how to create the perfect finish to your piece by adding details and repairing any imperfections.

Wooden Spoon Carving, a course by Andrea Cortés

In 2014, Andrea Cortés began working with wood as a hobby. She loved it so much that, in 2018, she embraced it as a profession. In her course, the founder of Barcelona Wood Workshops walks us through the basic techniques and tools for spoon carving. Andrea defines this practice as "a sensory process that connects you with your hands while freeing you from your mind". Sign up to find out whether you agree!

Furniture Design and Construction for Beginners, a course by Patricio Ortega

Even though every handmade piece is unique, the right techniques will allow you to add even more personality to your work. Architect, carpenter, and co-founder of Maderística, Patricio Ortega says that carpentry requires knowledge, discipline, technique, and creativity to work together as one. This course is an opportunity to put these skills into practice while designing, planning, and building your furniture.

Chair Restoration and Upholstery, a course by Lucia Giraudo

Recycling furniture gives it a second life. Argentinian entrepreneur and upholsterer Lucia Giraudo shares her process for restoring a chair. In her course, you will learn how to dismantle your piece of furniture and prepare it to be upholstered. Lucía will explain which tools you’ll need and which materials she recommends.

Introduction to CNC Router Furniture Design, a course by Daniel Romero

For industrial designer and founder of Tuux studio Daniel Romero, software and CNC router cutting technology provide a democratic way to produce. In his course, you will learn about CNC machines, how they work, and what you can do with them. You will also be able to test out the software he uses and acquire a basic understanding to create your own designs and bring them to life using technology.

Introduction to Frame Making, a course by El Pez Enmarcado

A beautiful illustration or photograph is deserving of a carefully-crafted frame. Why not make your own? Designer Coy Aballay, the founder of El Pez Enmarcado, believes a frame should be practical but, above all, make an artwork stand out. Learn basic techniques for creating frames with personality.

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