Xavi Julián Olmos

Xavi Julián Olmos

Front-end Developer

Madrid, España

Xavi Julián Olmos

Stealing some words from a Brad Frost post:

"Front-end developers often exist in a weird purgatory, somewhere between the design world and the ultra-geek programming world. We serve as translators between these two worlds, and I feel it’s our responsibility to bridge this chasm between design and development."

I am a front-end engineer, evolved from visual arts.
Anxiously curious.
My responsability is to keep alive the link between code and art.
CSS junkie, CoffeeScript drinker, Backbone idolizer, Angular pupil, WordPress occasional lover.
Open source philosophy as a way of life.

- Web designer
- CSS3 (LESS / Sass)
- Javascript (jQuery, CoffeeScript)
- BackboneJS
- Agile (Scrum)

Specialties: Front end development, design, creativity.


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