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Looking for a system with a small footprint and vertical mount? How about one without any heat no chemicals? If so, compared to the Ultimate™ Vertical UV Water Purifier is only the system in your case! The Ultimate™ has 3 the latest models of to choose from with the ability to disinfect 4 to 9 gallons of water each and every minute. This Ultraviolet Water Purifier can provide disinfected water on your customer’s residential or recreational application at the smallest cost available.

UV disinfection is often a process of some time and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The features with the Ultimate™ Vertical UV Water Purifiers ensure effective, safe water disinfection.Each ultraviolet sterilizer features a rating for that pond size it'll handle plus the maximum flow rate it could handle. For example Aqua Ultraviolet’s 25 UV will handle a pond around 1200 gallons and also a flow rate approximately 1200 gallons every hour. The flow rate are not exceeded. If your pump pushes more water as opposed to unit will handle, the lake flows straight away not allowing enough time for that UV to crush algae. The maximum pond size is usually exceeded, and can reduce the clarity level.

Using this 25-watt unit over a 2000-gallon pond will continue to have some effect, nevertheless, you can’t expect really clear water for the bottom. If you are using a product other than Aqua Ultraviolet, you should definitely understand their sizing. Some manufacturers use what’s known as a clarity rating rather than complete sterilization. This clarity rating usually means that having clear water about one foot deep. The Aqua Ultraviolet units are supplied with both a clarity plus a sterilization rating.

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