Photography is a major part of my personal essence. The ability to represent the world by personal preferance has astounded me since entering the teenage years. Being able to compose an idea in a foreign mind through imagery or other forms of communication is what my world revolves around. I believe that I would be an excellent candidate for your organization due to my stong willingness to engage in client relations. I have been known to have a tendency for the commencement of smiles. I have devoted numerous hours towards building and perfecting my portfolio. Several overtime hours have been worked in order to finance my global travels which are devoted to my photography. Aside from passion, spending valuable time researching information about nations of interest, everything from economics to history to statistics. Along side international studies, Psychology, Sociology, Politics, History, and Philosphy are other fields of interest which I have educated myself on through college courses and public research. On top of this, I am fluent in Serbo-Croatian, German, and English. I am also enrolled in a French fluency program in order to perfect my current knowledge and pronounciation of the French language. I intend to enroll in Spanish, Russian and Italian programs once I complete my current studies. If you are interested in viewing my portfolio progress, or have questions about the numerous places that I have travelled globally please visit my website ( or contact me directly. I am in search of an organization which will assist me in reaching my personal goals and productive best through education and experience. The positive impact which I can contribute must be equal to the contribution that is valuable to myself. The possiblities of forwarding a message through means of communication are limitless but in order to achieve excellence several steps have to be measured and successfully planned out. My objective is for everybody in the world to have seen an authentic Vedran Krkic.

Ficha profesional