Tano Bonfanti

Tano Bonfanti

concept artist - ilustrador / tanoilustra@gmail.com

Santa Fe, Argentina

Tano Bonfanti

Born in 1987 in a family that enjoy visual arts in all its forms . in school i always was the kid that drew in class
After high school i started studying architecture for a few years, but i wasn't totally comfortable doing that (not much drawing going on ), so i decided to drop out and pursue mi illustration and concept art career, at the time leave collage was a huge decision because the entertainment industry was and still is not develop enough in Argentina to make a living, thankfully being a freelancer its easier now.
looking back i can say it was a good decision.

Since i have memory my favorite thing to do was grab a sheet of paper and doodle around. i always been fascinated with cars , planes, machines in general and the mechanics of space exploration, now i am focus in character design but i never stop drawing vehicles and architecture to ,i feel that when you learn the fundamentals of how the human eye perceive the space you can reproduce anything that you imagine.

For me a good character is when the history comes to you just by looking at it , there´s evidence of his or her life , battles struggles and past experiences, that is crucial to identify your self to the main story, is all about empathy we want to connect by nature and faces, expressions , body language are really important to achieve that .


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