Sergio Hinchado Leal

Sergio Hinchado Leal

Senior Manager Hays

Onhaye, Bélgica

Sergio Hinchado Leal

In my current role as manager of Life Sciences and Information Technology at Hays I develop these markets and ensure that the customer needs are met. I work hard to offer the best job opportunities to our candidates in the market.

In the two last years my teams has got at least 30% increase in billing with respect last year in terms of productivity per consultant and total invoicing.

I was awarded "Manager of the year" in 2008 and 2013. I have achieved a significant increase in invoices last year.

I have had the opportunity to manage several business sectors in Hays as Engineering, Construction, Logistics, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing, Retail and Legal who has given me a broad understanding of the company operations.

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