Ricard Garriga

Ricard Garriga

Barcelona, España

Ricard Garriga

Ricard Garriga, CEO Trioteca.
Co-founder Torret Road Capital & Menorca Millennials (decelera).

Passionate about start-ups, investment and talent attraction.
I am the CEO at Trioteca.com the digital advisor that helps you to get your best mortgage: we explain what is going to happen, we manage the relationship with the banks for you and we help you to make the decision. We are an independent service that works with banks in the Spanish market; thanks to our algorithm and our users we analyze the offer of mortgages that have been signed near you, to be able to advise you in a transparent and impartial way.
I have 15 years’ experience in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, starting at La Salle University in Barcelona where we helped raise capital for tech. start-ups and spinoffs, then in City Council to implement public policies, and subsequently in California as head of strategy and growth in @YouNoodle, a Silicon Valley start-up, where we were in charge of open innovation projects for large corporations and talent attraction programs for 7 countries, then founding the new concept of ''start-up decelerator'' @MenorcaMillennials which detects global talent in order invest with it's own funding company, @TorretRoad.

Former event curator @4YFN @SonarplusD @HitBarcelona @bizBarelona @ZincShower co-organizer @TEDxEmbarcadero in San Francisco.
I studied telecommunications engineering and an MBA (La Salle and Manhattan College of New York) and completed Venture Capital Executive Program at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley where I was mentored by Steve Blank and Jerry Engel on Lean Startup Methodologies.
Recently completed an executive training in Toronto on how to be a "Better Boss" by Raw Signal Group, mentored by Johnathan Nightingale and Melissa Nightingale former high executives at Mozilla.

2017 and 2018 Awarded for Choiseul Academy - TOP100 Economic Leaders for Tomorrow in Spain, 25th and 22nd position.

I love motorbikes and downhill cycling.

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