Oliver Mayhall
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Oliver Mayhall

Londres, Reino Unido

Oliver Mayhall

Oliver Mayhall is a portrait and fine art photographer based in London. Oliver’s abstract and surrealist work is an exploration of the thoughts and experiences gained from the world around him. Using both digital and film, and utilising props, lighting, and textures, he creates captivating and playful imagery that poses questions. His work is constantly evolving through experimentation, and is often shot in black and white.

His work has been featured in the AOP Awards, Portrait of Britain and Portrait Salon, with clients including BAFTA, Crisis, Cubitts, EMI Records, and Kinfolk to name a few. Oliver's work was exhibited in a solo exhibition by Cultura Inquieta in Callao Square, Madrid for the month of May 2022.

@oliver.mayhall / olivermayhall.com

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  • Retrato fotográfico con enfoque experimental

    Aprende a fotografiar personas con una nueva perspectiva y descubre técnicas creativas para imágenes abstractas, desde el concepto hasta la edición.

    Un curso de Oliver Mayhall, Fotógrafo de arte y retratista




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