Mireia Arias

Mireia Arias

Diseñadora gráfica

Barcelona, España

Mireia Arias

Graduated in audiovisual and multimedia realization by the school ERAM, and currently studying the degree in BAU Design. Autodidact and creative graphic designer in full artistic, professional and personal development and photographer by passion. During these last years, photography is with the medium that I have worked the most. Especially with analog photography since I find a feeling of taking back the lost. We have lost both the value of photography as a single object, that we give the same sense and value to the photographs. That is why with my works I want to retake that feeling, to live the photography again as before, a photo could go wrong, but even in that photo there was a beauty that could not be explained.

I play with chance, with serendipity. In capturing that moment in a natural way, of a reality that exists. A different look from what surrounds us, that which is not usually photographed, I capture it, since to be photographed it surpasses in beauty and harmony to the established thing.

A lover of simplicity and exquisite, music and art and a passionate Japanese culture and its traditions.


Ficha profesional


  • BAU Escola Superior de Disseny

    Barcelona, España

    2015 - Actualmente

  • ERAM Escola Universitària Realizació Audiovisual i Multimèdia

    Salt, España

    2010 - 2015