Melissa Rodriguez

Melissa Rodriguez

Fashion Illustrator and Designer

Berlín, Alemania

Melissa Rodriguez

"​....She will be called Melissa, said the Gods from the Olympus, and that is how she shall be known for centuries..."​ - piece of the poem Melissa, written by Armando Rodriguez.

With that poem in my honor I started this path better known as "life"​. Always researching tendencies, nurturing from art, learning from what surrounds me. For now, I am a FASHION DESIGNER and an ARTIST; constantly studying and dabbling in similar areas. I am passionate about writing, photography, design, Illustration and to make a simple resume, I am passionate about the wonder of "creating"

I consider day by day experience extremely important for personal growth, and that is why I adventure myself in new quests or trips every time I can. I have traveled around every province in my natal country, Argentina, worked in a cruise-ship through the Caribbean, visited several cities from Chile and Brazil, and always taking with me exceptional experiences. For now, I'm fluent in English and Spanish. Soon adding German to the list.

My goal in life, to give the world a little bit more of this beauty, of this "art"



  • UM Universidad de Morón

    Morón, Argentina

    2010 - 2013