Marina Morell Pérez

Marina Morell Pérez

Barcelona, España

Marina Morell Pérez

I studied Design and Advertising and HR specializing in Online Communication.
In my last jobs I was responsible for Online Marketing in national and multinational companies developing and implementing the online marketing plan and the social media strategy.

So far, my main tasks were:


- Management of digital projects.
- Design of online marketing strategies.
- Web production.
- Web Design.
- Web Master
- Content curation and edition.
- Implementing and monitoring advertising campaigns in online media.
- Coordination of external resources and management of teams.
- Management of budgets allocated to each project.
- Creative Direction.


- Social Media Optimization
- Design and implementation of the social media strategy.
- Analyzing and monitoring the social media strategy.
- Design, implement and monitoring of Social Media Ads Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,...)
- Responsible for external providers, if any.

Also, my experience in "offline communication" let me take care of 360º projects. And my background on DESIGN let me create and develop communication tools: websites, microsites, digital content, banners, posters, brochures, flyers, catalogues,...

Ficha profesional

Se unió en abril de 2009