Marcellus Cruz

Born in 1993 in Porto Alegre/BR, Marcellus Cruz is an art, portrait and fashion photographer.

In early 2014, he took his degree in Photography at the University of Santa Cruz do Sul.

Marcellus has the basis of his work in analogue photography - to appreciate not only the shooting system on film, but also all the possibilities of artistic interventions that can be made manually.

His inspirations evolve and change frequently as well as the personality of his sign, Gemini. An admirer of astrology, he enjoys studying the lights created by great artists (Rembrandt, Vermeer, Manet, Giotto, Sanzio) and read poems of great writers (Poe, Augusto dos Anjos, Rimbaund, Baudelaire, Cruz e Souza) as also dedicate daily hours researching work of emerging artists.

In his art and fashion photos, Marcellus usually work on a melancholic aesthetic due to his inspirations - aiming to represent the concepts previously designed. However, in his portraits he appreciates the naturalness and spontaneity.

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