An italian girl and a man from Etiopia fall in love and have 2 daughters. And, as we all know, the second-born is the smarter in the family. Since I was a baby, I fight for my rights: I do not care what fashion says, if I want to wear a striped shirt and a polka dot skirt, I'll do that. Growing up, my body fills up with 8 scars and 3 tattooes and as soon as I can, I move in my own flat, because my parents' house is too small for my dreams. I don't believe to people who tells me that now I'm a grown up, and as a revenge, I buy a skateboard and rollerblade ... and a bottle of vodka, but I'm not brave enough to dye my hair pink. My favorite job is playing endless with my nephews and write postcards to my grandma, because that's nothing as magic as having a white paper and a pen, ready to welcome dreams and adventures.



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