Lurdes Hull

I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have been living in England for 31 years. I live in a rural Hampshire village, which is quickly expanding known as West Liss. I love watercolours and the special effects created by them. I have some experience using watercolour, though I am not a professional painter. I have also used acrylic paintings mixed with watercolours in my past art work. I taught myself watercolour painting by making funny caricatures of mainly cats that crossed my life. Some cats were my own and some were neighbours' pets. There were also a dog, a rabitt and a horse, which belonged to friends and ended up as part of my animal caricature watercolour painting portfolio. I had stopped painting for a few years now. In the meantime, I had a daughter who is now a bright and energetic 6 year old who as expected, has been taking most of my spare time, caring for her. Now, with her going to school, I feel I have some time for myself, enabling me to resume my old and fun painting hobby. Hopefully, I will learn some tricks to improve my art work techniques. Recently, sadly I lost my 11 year old soul mate dog, Noel, a West Highland White Terrier to terminal Lung Fibrosis. Noel's passing, left a big empty space in my heart and life. It has also affected both my husband and daughter. I would like to paint Noel's portrait as my final project for this course. I would like to be able to paint my "Noely" as a tribute to him. Hence, I enrolled myself onto the Expressive Animals Watercolour course by Sarah Stokes. I hope I can capture Noel's expressive gorgeous eyes and some other of his unique features, which have never and will never leave my memory. When I accomplish his portrait, I know it won't bring him back to life but, it will mean a great deal to me and also hopefully it will mean a lot to Noely from wherever he is watching us. Love you my little furry boy!


Se unió en septiembre de 2021