Linus Lohoff

Linus Lohoff

Barcelona, España

Linus Lohoff

I am Linus Lohoff, a multi-disciplined Art Director from Germany with brazilian roots located in Barcelona, Spain. I have over 8 years of professional experience in the creative sector and have worked in agencies like Saatchi&Saatchi, BOROS & Vasava Studio. I was involved in a lot of branding projects for international clients and now working as a freelancer offering creative direction, design, photography, visual strategies and engaging experiences for brands in business, fashion, art and culture.

During my career I have learned to see the greater image and message throughout a design project, to select and remove all the elements that don't contribute to a communicative purpose to the design project. In my opinion it is important to understand what must be communicated and addressing the audience with a clear message. I have fun to create a world around any visual project and "connect the dots".

My influences are really based on german design history & graphic designers. Bauhaus artists, Stankowski or Otl Aicher are some that I admire. I do like a lot minimalism and concrete art. There is a huge love for geometry and basic shapes throughout my work.

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