LettersTo is a consumer service that lets friends, family and colleagues collaborate online to create a beautifully-bound collection of letters for a special recipient. The letters typically include sentiments of love, memories, best wishes, appreciation, advice, photos, etc. For example:

Letters to a bride & groom from their wedding guests
Letters to a parent or grandparent from all their extended family & friends for a birthday
Letters to a leader from colleagues whose lives' the leader has inspired
Letters to a loved one's family as a memorial

LettersTo books will be beautifully bound in a distinctive way to create an extraordinary, high-quality, meaningful gift. LettersTo provides a website and iOS/Android app for the organizer and all of the contributors to draft their letters online and select backgrounds, layouts, fonts, and include photos in creative templates. Once everyone has submitted their contribution, we print, bind and ship the physical book in delightful packaging.

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