Leticia Izquierdo Diaz

Leticia Izquierdo Diaz

Salamanca, España

Leticia Izquierdo Diaz

The thematic work revolve around gender, the poststructuralist feminism, the violence and conceptual sexuality, the double-edged sword of psychological borderline concepts and the loss of contemporary empathy.

The focus of a hair readinf within the parameters of gender, The musical language as a metaphor of a new world against the patriarchal verbal language, a critique of religion and other repressive ideological burdens that women live today.

The contemporary dissatisfaction with the pursuit of happiness, the current poststructuralist superficiality ...
The underestimation of old age, or wrinkle.

A critique of the automaticity of modern society and how it has increased its dependence on mobile devices and the internet. The loss of humanity nowadays in the face of the inequalities and injustices promoted by this capitalist and racist system.

The Multidisciplinary works are carried out in research, installations, photography, painting, sculpture, graphic design, storytelling, tales, fables, performance, dance, music ...

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