Koli Vercani

Koli Vercani


Socuéllamos, España

Koli Vercani

My interest in documenting through visual expression circumstances and phenomena, emotions and relationships that occur and develop during various time periods and political changes across cultures, made photography my choice of artistic expression. Field experience began nine years ago. This ongoing love relationship with the camera grows as I grow. This dear friend has become my bridge towards exploring at depth matters close to my heart. My photography focuses on human emotions, human’s impact on both rural and urban landscapes, the landscapes impact on the humans in turn, urban trauma, social progress and community development. The main subject of my work, directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously, remains the individual, in isolation and in relation to everything else.
The main goal of my art is to historically transmit occurrences through candid photography that focuses on simply presenting the happenings rather than image manipulation. I seek not determine my photography after a particular technique as am more interested in the message the work presents and the questions it raises. I employ both traditional and innovative techniques although I choose not subscribe to a particular school. The means employed vary from project to project, as subjects of focus vary. The tendency is to present realistically and most work tends towards documentary photography.


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