Koal Black

Koal Black

Freelance photographer & Illustrator

Milán, Italia

Koal Black

I was born in 1972, in a small town in Northern Italy. In 2001 I got master degree in DAMS (Visual Arts, Music and Drama) from the University of Bologna. Then, I spent several years abroad (mainly in Spain and Latin America). I taught playwriting, theatre directing and acting. I also got a postgraduate master degree in Online Communication.

Then came Photography! Actually, not an unforeseen discovery, as I already was a passionate photographer, but it wasn’t until 2006 that I understood it could become a job as well. Since then, I look forward to improve my technical and creative skills in this wonderful art too.

Among the years, I worked for brands, agencies, showbiz personalities, magazines. I exhibited my photos in many countries and I was awarded several times.

Koal Black is my pen name. Actually, it’s quite an appropriate definition (or should I say an “ink name”) as “Koal Black” is a type of dark ink: a bottle I found many years ago in a flea market. At that time, I aspired to become a comic book artist. Actually, I didn’t: I achieved other goals in my life.

However, I believe it’s always important, regardless the ambitions you accepted to strive for (and the ones you dropped off), to keep a track of the way you used to be. It’s your story! It helps you reflect upon your past beliefs, and it shows you the way you’re now.

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