Katarzyna Krawczynska

Katarzyna Krawczynska

workshops coordinator, educator, manager,

Valencia, España

Katarzyna Krawczynska

I am cognitive scientist, whom is fascinated by the arts. Thanks combination of these two passions I created my own workshop’s program. I am teaching about neurasthetic. It is amazing opportunity to show how our brains react in contact with art. On mine classes throe games, discussions, presentations and shows, we are trying to answer for many questions. Like: How is possible that we understand emotion throe colors or music? Why children like cartoon and adults horrors? What influence has art on our brains when we create it and when we observe it? How can we develop our imagination? From where creativity come from? And many more.

On neuroaesthetic workshops, with participants, I'm playing, dancing, acting, drawing and making thousands of unexpected activities to open ourselves for art and beauty. I have a wide background working with my program in museums, foundations, festivals, cinemas or in my own company.

I had lived in many different countries (Greece, Spain, Japan, Colombia, Germany and Poland) which makes my communication skills perfect and also provide me an amazing flexibility and possibility to adapt to new environments. For many years I worked with children which not only increased my empathy but also created a habit of communicate in clear and understandable manner. Additionally I enjoy feeding my head with new knowledge and I believed that the best way to do that is working among people whom enjoy what they do.

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  • Katarzyna Krawczynska – @katarzynka-krawczynska
  • workshops coordinator, educator, manager,
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