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Madrid, España

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It is an absolutely unique international project with great repercussions. We will do it in collaboration with some of the most outstanding companies in the audiovisual industry, architecture, sound, lighting, creation of hyperrealistic characters, etc.

Mediapro is the leading company in the audiovisual sector in Europe. It has 58 branches and is present in 36 countries on 4 continents. This project will be developed in Madrid.

Your responsibility will be to create CGI content based on the indicated Art direction. Mainly, the work of motion graphics will be closely linked to 3D and the construction of effects by particles and animated deformers. Some of these works will be integrated with simulations made by specialists in Houdini. The look and film to develop is very defined but there will be a margin of ideas contribution. The contents have cutting edge finishes and gather a number of CGI, interactive videos, holographs, 360 projections, filming with integration and videomapping on large spaces.

In these positions will work mainly with Cinema 4D + Redshift and Adobe After Effects.


- High level of knowledge in Cinema 4D and After Effects.
- High level of knowledge in the Redshift rendering engine. If it is not your main rendering engine, similar experience and quick adaptation is required.
- Ability to communicate, understanding briefs and artistic guidelines.
- Creative and technical initiative to make visual content.
- Background of avant-garde creative references.
- Ability to carry out and manage tasks within the expected deadlines.

Contract until end of project

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Motion Grapher
Madrid, España
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