2D/3D Artist

Melbot Studios

Barcelona, España

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Melbot´s mission is to entertain combining the tangible and open-ended aspects of traditional toys and the narrative and immersive nature of videogames. Our goal is to help parents to provide quality entertainment to their kids with products that have values and conciliate life with play, giving them the chance to participate in the game and in the digital life of their sons.

"Melbits World" is our first title for PlayStation4, winner of the PlayStation 2017 Awards, already on sale. We are working on new projects under the same IP with a commercial vision towards Asia and Europe.

Versatile artist who can work comfortably in 2D or 3D and have basic knowledge of Unity Engine. Any style will be valued, but it is essential to demonstrate the ability to adapt to the "Kawaii" style of our products with a work sample, otherwise we will discard the CV.

Minimum requirements:
-Freehand drawing and taste for color.
-Experience using UnityEngine
-Experience using 3DS Max: Modeling, UVs
-Experience using Photoshop: Concept, textured

-Creative person passionate about videogames.
-Knowledge about optimization and implementation of assets ingame.
-Experience in UI / UX in Unity
-Experience in VFX in Unity
-Experience using Illustrator
-Experience in Graphic Design

To attach:
-2D Works, concepts, graphic design, UI ...
-3D Works, models in which you can see a correct use of UVs and topology.

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2D/3D Artist
Melbot Studios
Barcelona, España
It will depend on the candidate
C. Roc Boronat, 117, 2nd floor, 08018 Barcelona, Spain.