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Software Developers


Barcelona, España

We are hiring software developers to join Passnfly and grow our IT department.

Experienced Software Developer (Web Backend)

• Contribute to development of Web-based services in Python or PHP.
• Contribute to development of Web applications in HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.
• Contribute to evolution of SAST development methodology and platform.
• Help operate and maintain SAST services.
• Analyse existing technology and suggest improvements.
• Advise on architecture and technical strategy.
• Contribute to SAST documentation and knowledge base.
• Analyse customer requirements and assess implementation effort.
• Design and perform tests and code reviews.

Background and experience:
• Knowledge of a wide spectrum of programming languages and technologies, in particular Java or Php or Python, XML, SQL Alchemy, AJAX, HTML, SQL, JSON, Javascript
• Experience with industry best practices in software design and collaboration, software design patterns, version and release management (github or cvs), unit testing.
• Minimum 1 years of experience

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Software Developers
Barcelona, España
24.000 - 34.000
c/ Lull 51, 6 - 6