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Product Designer with experience in FMCG


Madrid, España

IN SPIRIT DESIGN, specializing in Product-Packaging Design, is looking for an experienced product designer for the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector at an international level, for its agency in Madrid, with expertise in the design of bottles and packaging.

- The candidate must demonstrate higher education in product design and convincing experience with an agency and/or advertisers.
- Additional advanced training in packaging is a plus.

- Strong creative skills under demanding marketing and technical pressure is required.
- Ability to develop and promote projects, including those originated by others.
- Ability to translate strategic direction into design expression.
- Experience developing design solutions for markets/cultures outside of Europe – empathy and understanding of foreign cultures as relates to design communication.
- Respectful and sensitive international expression to cultural values and a good level of fluency in different languages; mainly English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin, due to our markets. We would request high fluency in 2-3 of these languages, including English.

Candidates are required to mention any experience in customer service, as well as animation or team responsibility. We also attach importance to fundamental human values that promote teamwork and development (humility, listening, enthusiasm, respect and honesty, solidarity, personal growth and striving for excellence)

Expression techniques
- The candidate must be able to quickly express a concept through hand-made sketches, whether he/she originated the idea or not.
- We will also evaluate oral expression.

Work techniques and presentation
- Perfect command of Rhino (3D), Photoshop and Illustrator, PowerPoint and, if possible, KeyShot.
- Any other computer skills will be taken into account including the use of engineering software such as Catia, Solid Edge, Solid Works, Pro Engineer...

Our offer
- IN SPIRIT DESIGN offers the successful candidate a permanent position in Madrid, Spain (with possible international travel), an open-ended contract with a trial period of six months.
- We will assess a salary between 28,000 and 42,000 euros annually (gross employee), according to profile.
- Supplementary health insurance will be granted at the end of the trial period.

The timing for the reception of applications has been extended:
• Mandatory reception before October 31
• Response to candidates, November 3 (shortlist of 5 candidates)
• Interview via Skype between November 4 and 14
• Response to shortlisted candidates, November 17 (selection of 2 candidates)
• Interview in Madrid for a half-day evaluation between November 18 and 26.
• Response on November 28 for recruitment on January 2015.

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Product Designer with experience in FMCG
Madrid, España
Between 28,000 and 42,000€ / annually (gross employee), according to profile
C/ Telléz 3, Madrid