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Narrative Designer


Cornellà de Llobregat, España

Role Description:
The role of the Narrative Designer is to act as the champion of a game’s story, functioning as the central resource for all things narrative related. The Narrative Designer works closely with a project’s core design team at every step of the way to develop a strong symbiotic relationship between the game’s mechanics, design, and structure and the narrative/story being used to support and enhance that structure.

This position is a junior position with room for growth based on initiative, proactivity, and work quality.

- Assist the Lead Narrative Designers in reviewing builds or multiple projects and providing weekly feedback to our many development teams around the world.
- Work with the development team to brainstorm creative ways to encapsulate the game’s core mechanics through story and narrative.
- Help establish the lore and tone of the world of the game and propose creative and efficient ways to effectively present this world to the player.
- Assist in generating and maintaining design documents for all narrative elements on multiple projects.
- Identifying Narrative problems and brainstorming creative solutions with colleagues.
- Collaborate with cinematic and sound teams to create and maintain consistent narrative execution.
- Write and review all in-game dialog and text.
- Working on licensed properties, coordinating with teams and licensors to ensure brand consistency.
- Assist in generating detailed Voice Over scripts and gathering needed materials for the dedicated Voice Over Director.

Desired skills:
- Possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in English, Creative Writing, Theatre, or Film.
- Displays excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Possess a strong understanding of visual theory and storytelling.
- Possess an in-depth knowledge and passion for the history and theories governing interactive storytelling.
- Understand how to present a clear narrative concept flow using Visio, Excel, PPT, or other related tools.
- Mastery of the English language is a must.
- Ability to craft a clear and coherent story.
- Ability to display a strong understanding of plot, structure, and character.
- Must understand how story is used to support game mechanics and enhance player retention.
- Must understand and have a strong eye for current mobile gaming F2P trends.
- Understanding of basic game design fundamentals and principles.
- Ability to work positively in a collaborative environment.
- Strong research, analytical, and problem-solving skills, and an awareness of how to navigate limitations and work with available art/programming resources.
- Attention to detail.
- Ability to meet aggressive deadlines.
- Ability to communicate effectively in a diverse environment.
- Organized, able to juggle multiple projects at once.
- Passionate about gaming, boasting an in-depth knowledge of games, game culture, and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Why work for Gameloft?
• Permanent contract, full-time job and excellent Social Benefits.
• Career-development opportunities.
• An exceptional, dynamic, demanding and motivating working environment within a fast growing company.
• Challenging and rewarding work on the next great frontiers in games.
• Exceptional library of diverse games with broad distribution.
• An international environment which offers daily contact with other countries & cultures.
• Excellent local working conditions (quality of offices, geographical location of office in the centre of Barcelona).

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Narrative Designer
Cornellà de Llobregat, España
Motivating salary and a merit based pay system and Social Benefits