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Drupal Hero Wanted


Amberes, Bélgica

Bagaar is looking for a skilled Senior Drupal Developer.
The ideal candidate will work with the strategy, account and creative teams to design and build innovative digital solutions.
He or she will be responsible for working on the development of all digital needs as well as the deployment, testing, debugging and troubleshooting of our various projects.
He/she will design, develop, maintain and optimize secure and scalable multi-tier digital programs.

Your skills:
- develop in Drupal like a boss (setup, maintain, customize, theming, …)
- experience with relational database design and development
- be able to create a Drupal driven website with a frontend in html(5), js (JQuery, MooTools, …) and CSS(3)
- profound knowledge of (Object Oriented) php to program custom plugins, modules and webservices
- be able to set up an architecture for complex applications, including database design and (web)services
- understanding of browser specific compatibility issues
- be able to create and maintain mailings and news letter systems
- have a good knowledge of hosting and server settings
- knowledge of tools used in graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator, …)
- work hard, deal with work overload, heavy deadlines and stress, be flexible and never complain

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Drupal Hero Wanted
Amberes, Bélgica
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