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The Company
Ibercover Studio ® creates immersive digital experiences through video mapping, virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive AV digital art installations. We design each project from the conceptualisation of the idea, the writing of the script, the creation of the images, the musical composition and the development of the necessary technologies. Art and science playing together to produce truly unforgettable, immersive and inspiring experiences. Our goal is to create powerful, time-stopping, mind-blowing experiences that audiences will take home, share and remember. Our philosophy is based on commitment and results, not inflexible work schedules and structures. Our team is made up of designers, 2D and 3D artists, programmers, developers, composers, scriptwriters, producers, musicians and specialist managers of artistic and cultural projects.

Job Description
We are looking for a person passionate about technologies, events, shows, digital experiences and art, to business development and manage national and international projects. Will manage different projects in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and LATAM (Latin America). The objectives of the person who joins will be mainly: serve existing clients in EMEA, hold meetings with them, understand their needs in terms of VR, AR, video mapping, interactive installations, etc., design ad-hoc solutions, present them to the client, quote them, reach agreements with clients (and suppliers if required), supervise the process of execution and quality of the company services.

Associated functions and skills
Creative abilities; ability to identify client and project needs; ability to constantly research the market; ability to empathise with very demanding international clients; knowledge to prepare attractive, creative and responsible proposals; get involved with the company's strategy and possible improvements in the processes; engage and lead with respect; ability to generate positive and collaborative work; communication skills; possibility to travel frequently, both nationally and internationally; ability and responsibility to lead, organise, plan and execute projects in coordination with the rest of the team.

Experience and skill are required in similar positions, both with this type of products and services (VR, AR, video mapping, digital installations) as well as in international project management.

Labor conditions
Immediate incorporation, indefinite employment contract with a trial period. Exclusive dedication, fixed + variable remuneration for objectives (short and medium-term), medium-term work centre in Madrid, currently teleworking, availability to travel both nationally and internationally. Essential requirement English and Spanish, very high level, both spoken and written.

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Ibercover Studio
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