Photography and Graphic Design

Photography and Graphic Design

Photography, Graphic Design, Video Making and Edition

Barcelona, España

Photography and Graphic Design

My name is Daniel Pérez. I’m a Graphic Designer and Photographer dedicated to Landscapes and Timelapses Photography. Also i do Websites, Videos and experiment with Cianotipia.

I start my career very young using a pencil drawing some kind of different things. I start a career like Publicity and Merchandising and the same time i studied Photography in differents schools. When i finish my career in Publicity i graduated in Advanced Photography as well and i was available to start my career in Graphic Design and Multimedia in the digital art school.
At the same time i have been worked in the dark room making manual development of photography and photo printing in black and white several years. Also i studied and made course of Web Design and learned by my own too.

(in between all of that i did two big trips around South America and the Caribbean for shoot all the landscapes i could. I’ve been in Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, USA and all across Venezuela)

I finish my career in Graphic Design and i move to Barcelona, Spain to get further my work and my passion. I discover in Barcelona my passion for the outdoors, the climbing and the mountains in combination with my passion for the digital art, the photography of landscapes and the use of chemist for the printing of photography combined with art.

Feel free to write me and check my work!


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