Helen Vink

Helen Vink

Allround creative

La Haya, Países Bajos

Helen Vink

Hi everyone!

My name is Helen. I live in the Netherlands, at the coast in a town called The Hague.
I make a living working parttime at the municipality, where I'm issuing passports and register
people from abroad (I get to talk to a lot of fun and interesting people!).
In the rest of my time, I'm having millions of projects. They differ from trift-shop mania, to endless nights of painting, to sewing or decorating clothes and everything in between.

I'm here, because I always loved painting and it is one of the things I can lose myself completely in.
I would now love to have some new insights and explore new techniques and forms from someone who knows way more than I just trial by myself.

I mostly like to draw with a lot of color and expression, powerfull, blunt images. But can also
really enjoy to get into details. I don't really like to draw 'by the rules' with perfect perspectives
and very realistic.

Will open an instagram later.

I read Spanish, not really write/speak a lot yet.

Ficha profesional


  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    Ámsterdam, Países Bajos

    2010 - 2014