Francisco Garcia Otero

Francisco Garcia Otero

Director Creativo y Estratégico Digital

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Francisco Garcia Otero

Francisco is a creative brand content builder with more than 15 years of experience in advertising and brand communications, leading creative teams for worldwide brands. Focused in creativity, planning and communications strategy. Specialized on engagement and digital interaction, products and services launch, brand planning management and advertising campaigns. He has been responsible for communicational and advertising management of famous brands at local and regional level in Latin America as OREO, PEPSI, 7UP, TANG, CERVEZA QUILMES, HALLS, BUBBALOO, SIEMPRE LIBRE, NEUTROGENA and CAREFREE.

Some achievements include developing and implementing "Día del Amigo Campaign" for Quilmes, winner of Effie Award after more than 4 million of digital interactions between Argentinians on Friendship's day. Also Francisco has directed a successful campaign for Oreo "New Flavours" launch in Latinoamerica, achieving Best Case for Youtube platform with record of performance along a month.

In 2010 he has founded DödaVänster, an advertising agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as Creative Chairman by more than 7 years.

Now he's working as an Independent Creative Advisor for mass consumer brands in Latinoamérica, developing digital and visual content production focused on strenghten the relationship between audience and brand culture.


Se unió en diciembre de 2010