Carol Rogers

Well, my name is Carol Ann Rogers and I live in Indiana. I am 78 and I feel that I am kind of starting over again.
I have loved drawing off & on, for most of my life. However, due to working and raising my wonderful boys, I had not been able to become serious about my love of drawing and painting until after I retired.
I work mostly in oils, but have worked in color pencils, dabbled In watercolor, acrylics and a little in pastels. In the past few years I have taken commissions for portraits of animals and people, working in color pencils and in oil.
Also, the last year I was commissioned to illustrate for two different Childrens stories, yet to be published.
I am excited to take classes with Domestika to expand my learning again and to find my own style.
I feel that I have painted & drawn for others for a long time and now I would like to explore more options.
I am hoping these classes will help me to get back to really just enjoying and exploring art again.🥰

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