Facundo Martin Mau

From 2014 to today, I've been working specifically working in transport design, between interior and exterior cars conceptualization and making an e-motorcycle inspired in an Argentinian legend (Puma Segunda serie), so it made me go further than my university studies, as a better designer.
In this years, I've been also in contact with the production and marketing areas, salesmen, other designers and professional clients, and it made me push my boundaries much further than I expected.

I collected a fan of skills during my early years in the matter:

A solution finder. All my life people around me asked me what to do in many situations, sometimes not even close to easy ones, so I learned how to go straight to the solutions. It started to be easier every time, and then became natural for me finding how to resolute this situations.

An outstanding working teammate. I've been living with more than forty persons in a students residential home, where have earned serious team working skills, as coordination, long time term objective workshops, cooking for these lot of people as well as event control and organisation. Many times I had to lead the groups for getting the job done in time.

Attention to details. "The design is in the details". I felt that before, but after hearing this Paul Bennett's phrase, I took it as a rule in my professional career and also in my design time.


Se unió en abril de 2019