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Barcelona, España

bruno saguer

EYETOK is a mobile video live streaming start-up that enables organizations (media and news companies, brands, music or sports events and venues, etc..) to crowd-source live footage by turning their audiences and followers into co-creators and contributors of their content. We call it video co-live streaming.

With this approach, Eyetok brings a twist to the video live streaming landscape apps, mainly focused on video chat and social models.

> Eyetok covers the gap of User Generated Content, live. We call it UGLC. An easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution to acquire, filter, manage and publish live footage into their digital platforms: a themed channel on Eyetok, embeded on a web, sharing link into Facebook, Twitter or other social platforms. The solution is a live-mixing web console with a SaaS business model. We call it Eyeland (available on private beta)

> For the end user, Eyetok app (IOS and ANDROID) brings the possibility to reach a broader audience, further than the social environment. If a user’s video is picked and featured live on the channel, the possibility to be relevant is the most engaging.

Besides, we are launching a marketplace, we call it Eyefarm (to be launched soon) and the aim is to “uberize” the production and broadcasting process for companies.

Let's watch the world together, live!

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