Maria RS

Maria RS

Freelance Graphic Designer

Londres, Reino Unido

Maria RS

Professional and easy to work with Graphic Designer. I'm currently living in London and I'm most passionate about travelling, design, food and healthy living.

Originally from Spain, my love for arts and creativity began when I was a child and my dad tried (and indeed managed) to keep me entertained with colouring pencils, paint brushes, paper and clay. I spent hours and hours of my childhood making drawings, paintings and handcrafts with anything I could find around.

​As I grew up I knew I still wanted to keep creating, but in a more professional way. I'm happy and excited by the thought I can help people and companies to develop innovative ideas, to improve their user and customer experience, and to work to deadlines to deliver the best possible work every time.

During the past 5 years I've worked in a variety of fields such as Events (creating brochures, banners, flyers and websites), the Design and Build industry (designing pitch documents for printing and screen presentations) and Consulting, Digital Services/Software Business (creating pitch documents, powerpoint presentations and marketing collateral).

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