Elena Sánchez

Elena Sánchez

User Experience / UX / Usabilidad y Arquitectura de la información

Barcelona, España

Elena Sánchez

My name is Elena Sánchez and I am passionate about User experience and Innovation.I had my Bachelor's in Audiovisual Communication but after working in different media, I ended up as a project manager at a communication and innovation studio. It was during my time at TMC that I discovered User Experience and decided to dedicate myself to UX.

I studied a Master's in HCI and spent 6 months in Sweden carrying out my Master Thesis in HCI at Uppsala University.

I currently work as freelance UX/Usability Consultant, and teach Usability and Information Architecture Courses at UOC (Open University of Catalonia).

Besides, I am part of the founding team and CXO ( Chief Experience Officer) at @2getherapp, an award-winning mobile startup.

I like to keep myself up to date with books, blog, courses events and conferences on UX, technology, analytics, CRO, mobile, lean, entrepreneurship...


Ficha profesional

Se unió en agosto de 2010