Valentina D'Efilippo
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Valentina D'Efilippo

Data Designer & Creative Director

Londres, Reino Unido

Valentina D'Efilippo

I'm a designer and creative director based in London, and my favourite creative material is data. Pursuing imaginative and compelling visual language, my practice focuses on information design and data visualisation and my work takes many forms – from theatre productions and exhibitions to editorial content and interactive platforms.

Over the last 15 years, I have been enjoying working with public organisations, start-ups, agencies and global brands and news media. Clients include The Guardian, The Economist, the BBC, Wired, BBC Science Focus, Scientific American, Siemens, and BCG.

In 2013, I published The Infographic History of the World. Available in eleven different languages, the book is the first attempt to illustrate history and human evolution through data visualisation and infographic storytelling.

I have had the opportunity to share my work at various international events and exhibitions, and I lead workshops attended by students and professionals, including a series of Masterclasses with The Guardian.

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