Davar Azarbeygui
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Davar Azarbeygui

Graphic Designer

Cincinnati, Estados Unidos

Davar Azarbeygui

I am a graphic designer with over 20 years of advertising, design and branding experience.

My journey through design has taken me from advertising agencies in New York like LLNS, CDM, BBDO, Interbrand, FCB healthcare New York city to Head of Design in one of the biggest ad agencies in the Middle East to Cincinnati Ohio in some of the top branding firms in the world, like LPK, Interbrand and Landor & Fitch.

One lesson I’ve learned is that showing your portfolio of work to an executive or Creative Director is not always enough to land the job you want.
You need to explain your process convincingly, with passion and total honesty.

I studied design In New York city and understood how influential the language of graphic design can be in informing people about events and products. How a simple poster can say or do so many things in such a concentrated space.

Some of my biggest influences were when I studied design at Pratt Institute in New York City in the 90’s. Walking around and seeing the work of legendary designers like Paula Scher, David Carson, Michael Beiruts work in New York city got my excited about the possibilities of design and branding and how it can impact people's perception of design.

Their design work was all over the walls and building of New York as posters. It was big, impactful as well as incredible work that shaped my design knowledge and style.

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