Daniel Sánchez Alonso

Daniel Sánchez Alonso

fotógrafo, vídeo HDSRL, marketing online, e-commerce, social media,

Madrid, España

Daniel Sánchez Alonso


Always solving your needs in photography, taking care of every detail to improve your brand image, whether at events, corporate portraits, product, etc.
My marketing, graphic design, social media and customer service background contributes to better results in the final product.

Available for assignments worldwide | www.dansanphoto.com
Also job searching at editorial > corporate magazines > media agencies > marketing online > e-commerce.

Beyond photography also working on documentary film and video marketing online, creating branded content and lifestyle cooking videos, events, etc. https://vimeo.com/dansanphoto/videos

Daniel's photos have been published in magazines such as El País Semanal, Rolling Stone, Yo Dona, Vanity Fair, IO Donna, The Hedge Fund Journal, Bloomberg, Elle, Audi Magazine, Cicero {DE}, BMW Magazine {DE}, Paradores de España, KPMG Magazine,...

Events for clients such as Universal Pictures, Google Spain, Xbox 360º,...

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