Daniela D'Antuono Rizzo

Daniela D'Antuono Rizzo

Diseñador gráfico

Madrid, España

Daniela D'Antuono Rizzo

Based in Madrid (Spain) and operating also in Basel (Switzerland). Created in 2004 by Daniela D'Antuono with the concept to find beauty in simplicity and conceive clear concepts. It provides comprehensive communication and marketing services for small and medium enterprises.

Graduated from the School of Design in Basel, her professional career began in 1998. In 2004, she moves to Madrid and expands her portfolio to branding, packaging, publications, advertising and web.

German and italian are her native languages but she also speaks fluent spanish with full professional proficiency. French and english, with high proficiency.

Some personal skills: disciplined, cooperative and honest.

Ficha profesional

Se unió en agosto de 2009